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*Top Stories ================================================*
o Oregon lawmakers want to power up more EVs http://fb.me/2lmSgkmYl

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ==================================*
o PubTalk: EV Start-ups: Driving Innovation April 10 http://fb.me/1xUVZ5pzO
 o OEVA Monthly Meeting April 11th oeva.org
o Future Energy Conference, April 16-17 http://fb.me/1ImSZU1qK
o Chelsea Sexton meetup, Wed. 4/17, 6pm LuckyLab Hawthorne
o PCC offers plug-in vehicle orientation class April 30
o Open Source Bridge 2013 Conference is June 18–21 http://fb.me/ss87ON3i
o Sun Grand Prix June 24-29 http://fb.me/2sPwxeHFQ
o BC2BC 2013 June 29 http://goo.gl/bcqTJ
o We'll see you at SolWest! July 26-28 http://fb.me/y5GupWhn
o EV Roadmap 6: Drivers Take the Spotlight, July 30-31 http://fb.me/O78gldAJ

*Northwest EV News of Note ============================*
o Bill Expands EV Charging Network, Propels Oregon’s Economy
o An economic case for EVs by Art James http://fb.me/2yiYTyBVn
o The March of Mobile Phone Progress on EV Tech by Pat Connor
o Oregon Getting Ready for New EV Charging Stations http://fb.me/2auTuiN7l
o Kroger to install over 200 Level 2 & 25 DC Fast Charger stations
http://goo.gl/yT84H  http://fb.me/QFSg6ff8
o Portland General Electric EV Presentation http://fb.me/23xQBUoG8
o Plugged in: Tribe joins West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/24Ggugbui
o More charging spots for Oregon http://fb.me/2vXQ7kzn5

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o photo: Solar canopy in Tualatin http://fb.me/1DYgFJHxg
o photo: Red Volt surrounded by cherry blossoms in Beaverton Oregon
o video: New Member Monday: Patrick Connor http://fb.me/203gVXnrZ
o video: Watch the loud car lose http://fb.me/2uuYewjGL
o video: EcoSpeed Electric Assist - Electrify Your Ride!
o video: US Military says oil dependence threatens our national security
o video: formula e - The future is electric http://fb.me/2KVX4C4ea
o Oregon Electric Vehicle Plates http://fb.me/2m6fPCbmp
o photo: The liberty to fuel up at home http://goo.gl/IGbRY
o Colbert Report: Pegasus Pipeline Spill http://fb.me/2qUqDtAHR
o EVs at Travel Oregon meeting http://fb.me/1FBiBe75C
o photo: Smart Center of Portland http://fb.me/1pg2Xhqm5
o photo: British Columbia Minister of Environment comes to Oregon
o video: Chevy Volt is Electric on Pecan Street at SxSW

*Other EV News of Note ================================*
 o Elon Musk 'deeply wounded' by Sarah Palin's Tesla critique
o 2030: What will batteries cost and how far will you be able to go?
o Graphene makes better supercapacitors - Electronics Weekly
o New Ford Focus Electric Leasing Program Rivals Nissan LEAF
o Detroit Electric revival: Read about the people behind it
o ExxonMobil spills chemicals in Louisiana while cleaning spilled oil in
Arkansas http://fb.me/zYYdmP6k
o Tesla announces "Model R" supercar better performance than original
Roadster http://fb.me/279qa4LvB
o Third major oil spill in a week: Shell pipeline breaks in Texas
o Chilliwack Progress  - Getting a charge out of electric vehicles
o March PEV sales show 41% increase M/M & 140% increase Y/Y
o First speeding ticket issued in the US was given to an EV driver

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