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Which model year Leaf is it?

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Have him test it on a Blink to make sure the Siemens didn't fry the pilot signal diode on the Leaf. If the Blink won't charge it
 the internal charger will need to be replaced.
Sincerely,Chris Arnesen

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One of my coworkers got a great lease deal on a Leaf a few months ago. He bought a Siemens EVSE from a local home store and installed it himself and everything was working great. 

As so many people do, they fell in love with EVs. So they traded in their other car for a Volt. Now they are a two plug-in car family. 

Then this week, the Leaf stopped working with the Siemens charger. The Volt works with the Siemens and the Leaf works with its trickle. It is just the combination of the Siemens and the Leaf that fails.

Have any of you seen anything like this? 
I suggested that he contact Nissan right away. 
Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

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