[Oeva-list] Facebook... Just Say NO!

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Mon Apr 15 10:32:37 PDT 2013

Dave Morgan <dave at newslincolncounty.com> writes:
> Why can't you futurists drop the wierd techno-goopie format you've got 
> her and really take your fantastic ideas and great energy to facebook 
> where we could all enjoy it.  Facebook, gentlemen...FACEBOOK!  You 
> know, like with pictures and video and much more efficient involvement.

Facebook is absolutely not the way to go.

1) Facebook requires that you join facebook in order to participate.
2) Facebook's terms of service requires that you grant them the right
    to use your images and text in any way they see fit.
3) Facebook will reformat your information in a way that suits them, without
    taking input from the people generating the content.
4) When you interact with facebook, facebook generates all sorts of "links"
    between the reader and content interesting to them. They then sell this
    information to anyone who will pay.
5) Putting your content on facebook limits the viewership to those willing
    to kuckle under to facebook's policies.

I'd never use facebook for any sort of public contact, because of what
they require of the reader.

Oh.. and facebook has been loosing members right and left, because of these
very policies..


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