[Oeva-list] Facebook... Just Say NO!

Karl Boekelheide Karl at boekelheide.com
Mon Apr 15 16:25:35 PDT 2013

PLUS - we already have a couple posts from OEVA each day on Facebook.  Isn't that enough?
On Apr 15, 2013, at 10:32 AM, Steve's Account <stevel at fern.com> wrote:

> Dave Morgan <dave at newslincolncounty.com> writes:
>> Why can't you futurists drop the wierd techno-goopie format you've got 
>> her and really take your fantastic ideas and great energy to facebook 
>> where we could all enjoy it.  Facebook, gentlemen...FACEBOOK!  You 
>> know, like with pictures and video and much more efficient involvement.
> Facebook is absolutely not the way to go.
> 1) Facebook requires that you join facebook in order to participate.
> 2) Facebook's terms of service requires that you grant them the right
>    to use your images and text in any way they see fit.
> 3) Facebook will reformat your information in a way that suits them, without
>    taking input from the people generating the content.
> 4) When you interact with facebook, facebook generates all sorts of "links"
>    between the reader and content interesting to them. They then sell this
>    information to anyone who will pay.
> 5) Putting your content on facebook limits the viewership to those willing
>    to kuckle under to facebook's policies.
> I'd never use facebook for any sort of public contact, because of what
> they require of the reader.
> Oh.. and facebook has been loosing members right and left, because of these
> very policies..
> Steve
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