[Oeva-list] Facebook..Where information goes to "hide in plain sight".

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Mon Apr 15 23:31:33 PDT 2013

> Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Dave likes Facebook
> Second, we have the largest EV presence on facebook of any EV organization.
> We post more than the EAA, more than Plug In America, more than Tesla.
> If you didn't know that we had a facebook page, I have no idea what I
> could possibly do to make it more apparent. If you know how I could have
> made this more apparent, please let me know. If you are an Oregonian, that
> is into EVs, and on this mailing list, and you didn't know about it, I am
> doing something wrong.

I guess, Pat, you might as well stop "wasting your breath" on facebook..
What good is it when a rabid facebook phan can't find what they are
looking for? :-)

It will give you more time to concentrate on areas that acutally "work" to
get the message out.


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