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Tue Apr 16 00:03:11 PDT 2013

I am not quite ready to throw in the towel yet. 1,284 people currently like
our facebook page, so our page can be found. Similarly we have 1078
followers on twitter.
Our Google plus presence is still nascent. 33 people have us in their
circles and 65 people have +1'd us.

Our content has been shared by Brammo, Nissan, and others. Last month
Nissan shared some photos from our monthly meeting and we were getting
~20,000 hits a week on our facebook page.

Chelsea Sexton retweeted a photo of a red Chevy Volt surrounded by cherry
blossoms and it was seen by hundreds.

I made this image (http://goo.gl/IGbRY) from a gas station's April Fools
prank. The image was seen by ~1,700 people.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 11:31 PM, Steve's Account <stevel at fern.com> wrote:

> > Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Dave likes Facebook
> >
> > Second, we have the largest EV presence on facebook of any EV
> organization.
> > We post more than the EAA, more than Plug In America, more than Tesla.
> [snip]
> >
> > If you didn't know that we had a facebook page, I have no idea what I
> > could possibly do to make it more apparent. If you know how I could have
> > made this more apparent, please let me know. If you are an Oregonian,
> that
> > is into EVs, and on this mailing list, and you didn't know about it, I am
> > doing something wrong.
> I guess, Pat, you might as well stop "wasting your breath" on facebook..
> What good is it when a rabid facebook phan can't find what they are
> looking for? :-)
> It will give you more time to concentrate on areas that acutally "work" to
> get the message out.
> Steve
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