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You're doing a fabulous job of keeping OEVA members and others that are
interested in EV's informed of what's happening in the EV world.  Thank you
very much Patrick for all the work you put into it.  .I knew we had a FB
page, and have visited it occasionally.  I prefer your weekly list which I
can easily scan and read the items of interest to me.  I don't care for FB's
rules and changes either.  I also read the articles on
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First, when replying to the digest, please edit your Subject line so it is
more specific than Digest. 
Second, we have the largest EV presence on facebook of any EV organization.
We post more than the EAA, more than Plug In America, more than Tesla. 
Third, I send out a weekly news rollup on this mailing list that has links
to all the media (photos, videos...) so that you can find them even if you
are not following us on facebooks. Additionally, I made the posts public, so
you don't even need a facebook account to view them, but you would need one
to comment on something.
Fourth, we have links to our facebook page, twitter feed, and Google plus
accounts on the website  homepage. 
If you didn't know that we had a facebook page, I have no idea what I could
possibly do to make it more apparent. If you know how I could have made this
more apparent, please let me know. If you are an Oregonian, that is into
EVs, and on this mailing list, and you didn't know about it, I am doing
something wrong. 
PS. Here is the page http://www.facebook.com/oevadotorg

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