[Oeva-list] my first solar year with Leaf EV, solar PV, and TOU

Eric Cha ericc at xenopi.com
Tue Apr 16 16:22:40 PDT 2013

Your word of caution is duly noted, Charles.   To be honest, our utility 
bills are so low (because of our PV & solar hot water, and all the 
efficiency gains we've put in place over the years) that even if our 
bill goes up, it's no big deal.   If, after a year, we find that we're 
paying more, then we'll just switch back.



On 4/16/2013 3:55 PM, charlesbonville at comcast.net wrote:
> Eric and all,
> Be cautious in moving to TOU rate.  The power company generally 
> advises that it only works well for people that are not on a normal 
> schedule, such as households with workers that work a swing shift from 
> 3 PM to 11 PM.  In those households, they are generally not at home or 
> are still asleep during the Peak rate hours.
> That said, the larger your PV array, the more likely you are to avoid 
> using the grid during Peak hours, which tend to coincide, not 
> surprisingly, with most homes' highest daily electricity consumption 
> hours.  A 5 to 9.5 KW system has a higher probability of benefiting 
> from TOU than a system 4K or less.
> Here's my gut feeling:  If your PV system is not putting at least 1/2 
> of it's generation into the grid, you are not going to offset enough 
> peak usage to benefit from TOU.  The winter months could get expensive 
> on TOU unless you make radical changes in your use patterns to 
> minimize use during Peak rate.
> I can't claim to be an expert on this, but I have done some ballpark 
> calculations and was left with the above impressions.
> One other note:  I have the impression, possibly mistaken, that 
> Pacific Power requires Net Metering for grid-tied PV systems, but does 
> not offer TOU with Net Metering.  Perhaps this is only true if the PV 
> system is a Feed-In Tariff participant?  I'd love some clarification 
> on this if anyone on this list knows.
> Lastly, thanks for the numbers, Gary.  I'd love to see the spreadsheet 
> you used to calculate it all.
> -Charles
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> Hey Gary,
> Thanks for sharing that info.  I've had a grid-tied 4kw PV system(and a
> Solar Hot water system which is tied in with our nat gas water heater)
> for about 7 years now, and we just leased a Leaf last November.  For all
> that time, we've been using basic (flat) rate billing.  After reading
> your report, I decided to switch over to TOU rates as well and just did
> so.  (Portland General Electric makes it very easy to do online).  We'll
> see how it goes!
> Cheers,
> Eric

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