[Oeva-list] The Sunday Oregonian, 1915: Driving Electric on the Columbia Highway...In almost 100 years later the dream becomes a reality!

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What an incredible article to dredge up.  Thank you Mr. Hadlow.

The only distressing thing about the otherwise wonderful description of the drive to the Gorge was the fact that battery energy storage has progressed so little in nearly 100 years.

After all was said & done using battery power to drive the car, they went 50 miles round trip. Many of today's EVs are also limited to 50 miles/charge.  While there are certainly batteries that go further, it points to the fact battery technology has not made the same progress as other areas of energy development.

BTW: they didn't seem to have the same level of "range anxiety" as we have now.  Back then, if they ran out of electrons they would have really been in a world of hurt.

fantastic article & thank you, Ashley for sharing it!

bill jones


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On Apr 15, 2013, at 10:55 AM, HORVAT Ashley N wrote:

> What an incredible find-an article from a Sunday Oregonian published in 1915, penned to describe the need to EV charging stations along the Gorge for EV drivers! The talented Robert Hadlow, ODOT's Region 1 Senior Historian, was responsible for uncovering this gem and we are incredibly grateful. History can teach us a thing or two, right?
> Now, in 2013, the Columbia River Gorge has been electrified thanks to the West Coast Electric Highway EV Charging Stations in Cascade Locks, Hood River, and soon to be The Dalles. Troutdale and Wood Village also have EV charging stations.
> What was once the dream of a few adventurous travelers trying to make the Columbia Highway the place to drive an electric car, has now become a reality. These intrepid travelers, Charles E. Warner and Will Spalding should be credited as the first two EV drivers to traverse the Columbia Highway in an EV.
> In a quote that just as soon could be ripped from the pages of a Sunday Oregonian in 2013, one of the drivers stated, "It is to be hoped that the owners of electrics will be able to enjoy the Columbia Highway, along with the gas cars and they can do so by charging fully before starting. After the proposed charging stations are installed, electric cars may go clear to Multnomah Falls."
> Not only can EV drivers travel to Multnomah Falls in an EV in 2013, they can travel as far as The Dalles along the Gorge, as well as to Mt. Hood, up and down U.S. 101 from Astoria to Coos Bay by this summer, and across the Cascades to Bend in the next year.
> What a great piece to give a little perspective on a Monday morning. I'm just sorry that it took almost a 100 years...
> I really found one of the sub headers that said "Troutdale Hill the Hardest" entertaining.
> Best,
> Ashley
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