[Oeva-list] A lot of trips this month

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Apr 17 01:27:42 PDT 2013

Last Saturday, I put in a 300 mile day in the Leaf:

Corvallis -> Salem (charge) -> Wilsonville (charge) -> Banks (charge) ->
target practice in the coast range -> Banks (charge) -> downtown PDX
(charge and visit a friend) -> Vancouver (see another friend's new
house) -> Vancouver (bowling) -> Barbur Fred Meyer (charge, shop) ->
Salem (charge) -> Home.

In Salem the first time, I chatted with someone (I think they arrived a
bit after and were charging next, but I forget now) about the Leaf,
charging options, plugshare and OEVA.

At the next stop in Wilsonville, a skeptic in a 4x4 pickup asked a
number of questions; not sure I convinced him but at least he's showing
interest ;-)

Tonight, I ran up to Beaverton for a talk and not surprisingly had to
wait in Salem (it being 5ish), and another Leaf pulled in just as I was
leaving.  In Wilsonville, one was plugged in, but when I pulled up, he
disconnected and left.  On the way back, I went through the Taco Time
before going over to the station to have something to eat while charging
(oh, those Cinnabon-bons are dangerous! ;-) ) and as a result, someone
got there seconds ahead of me ;-)  He left his car on, which was causing
the station to error and we played the "go ahead" game a bit, but I just
got enough of a bump to make it on to Woodburn while letting him know
that he could turn the car back on to run the heater after the charging
started.  At Woodburn, just took it to 50% to get to Salem, where I took
it "90%" (80 really though apparently it gets it right with new Leafs)
to make it home comfortably with heat.

Thursday - Sunday, I'll be doing a bunch of runs between the airport and
Tanasbourne (on one of those trips, I could use Gary's Tesla for the
luggage and 4 passengers ;-) - one of them is going to have to wait for
the next trip...), and each trip will need a charge.

I'll have to stick to local trips in May to keep my fast charge average
down ;-)

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