[Oeva-list] Do you REALLY want to sign the "petition for Tesla"?

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Wed Apr 17 14:17:38 PDT 2013

From: PREMIUM-USA <pusa411 at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Oeva-list] Sign the petition for Tesla

I'm not a lawyer, I don't even play one on TV.. but it seems to me that
by allowing sales direct from the manufacturer, you are bypassing such
state laws as might exist, such as "Lemmon Laws", laws relating to 
state regulations of odometers, and the ability to pursue claims against
the "dealer" in state courts.

I'd think you'd want to preserve such things, as your state felt obliged
to enact, for your protection.

Suppose the "registered address" for a manufactuer is a postoffice box in
Liberia? How and where would you pursue your claim?

What incentive is there for a manufactuer to have any repair facilities
in your area, if there are no "dealers" involved?

I'm not sure "doing in the dealer" is a good idea.


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