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LOVE the Exxon video!
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Top Stories ================================================
Senate Bill 536 has passed w/ 23-2 vote. The proposal would allow ODOT
& other state agencies to expand the EV charging by contracting with 
vendors that would install and operate EVSEs on state property that could 
be used by both state vehicles and the public.  http://fb.me/Qcurdant 
Upcoming Oregon EVents ==================================
o Chelsea Sexton meetup, Wed. 4/17, 6pm LuckyLab Hawthorne
o Test drive electric lawn mowers at Pioneer Courthouse Square 4/17
o Future Energy Conference, April 16-17 http://fb.me/1ImSZU1qK 
o PCC offers plug-in vehicle orientation class April 30
o event: smart electric fun drive rolls into Portland, May 2-3
o Open Source Bridge 2013 Conference is June 18-21 http://fb.me/ss87ON3i 
o Sun Grand Prix June 24-29 http://fb.me/2sPwxeHFQ 
o BC2BC 2013 June 29 http://goo.gl/bcqTJ 
o We'll see you at SolWest! July 26-28 http://fb.me/y5GupWhn 
o EV Roadmap 6: Drivers Take the Spotlight, July 30-31 http://fb.me/O78gldAJ

Northwest EV News of Note ============================
o 100-plus attended EV PubTalk http://fb.me/EIR4tHLB 
o Portland State's Intelligent Transportation Lab recognized nationwide
o Drive Oregon & OTREC test folding e-bikes at Kaiser Permanente
o Execs from Arcimoto, Brammo and OpConnect talk EVs http://fb.me/1oqgmJJ3D 
o 1915 Oregonian calls for EV Charging Infrastructure in the Gorge
o Brammo semifinalists for Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award
o Oregon's EV leadership is not an accident http://fb.me/PF13H1bz 
o EV bill easily passes in the Washington House with bipartisan support
o Oregon carbon tax & conflicting studies http://fb.me/JGM847h5 
o GM and Oregon make Chevy Spark launch plans - details coming soon
o Our pals at CUB went to U of O Law to talk EVs http://fb.me/2VlomNRmO 
Photos & Videos =====================================
o 30th West Coast Electric Highway Fast Charger breaks ground
o Zap with J1772 connector http://fb.me/AZ7obvAF 
o Torq Roadster, world's fastest 3-wheeled EV http://goo.gl/PZc25
o Exxon - Energy Everywhere http://fb.me/2WHu0rxqA 
o Blue Chevy Volt reflecting the beautiful Oregon spring sky
o video: Transportation 2050 http://fb.me/1GxZO0X2h 
o Electric Avenue in Portland http://fb.me/2TVjslu95 
o Springtime via Brammo http://fb.me/1XMNUglzr 
o video: US Army sees energy as mission critical http://ow.ly/k0xAP 
o photos: OEVA April 2013 Meeting http://fb.me/2vRVhxcKe 
o video: Tar Sands Timmy http://fb.me/2wRA8ZOIi 
o photos: OEVA at Intel OR Earth Day http://fb.me/12ApOAd51 
o Springtime in beautiful Ashland, Oregon via Brammo http://fb.me/2NyH7sRtK 
o Elon Musk: The TT Interview http://fb.me/2gx9Z5N86 
Other EV News of Note ================================
o Obama budget would expand US support for electric cars
o Six New Plug-In Electric Cars Coming For 2014 http://fb.me/Q96vO7Yt 
o 16,743 Electric vehicle charging outlets in the US http://fb.me/23DuiKapo 
o GM begins Spark EV Electric Motor Production in US http://goo.gl/vTpKk 
o First Drive and Full Details about the Electric Fiat 500e
o SportStar EPOS Electric Airplane Makes Its First Flight
o EV Charging company, 350Green, under FBI investigation
o New York judge just ruled in favor Tesla for direct sales
o 2014 Chevrolet Volt Orders Start In May, Two New Colors
o CHAdeMO chargers proliferating, is SAE Combo doomed?
o More than 48,000 Public EV Charging Stations Deployed Worldwide
o webinar: Fuel Freedom's Book Club presents Petropoly
o Elon Musk: More Affordable Tesla EV By 2017 http://fb.me/2fSGRVKig 
o US public charging stations increase by 9% in first quarter
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