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*Top Stories ================================================*
o Nissan Leaf outsells all other Nissan models in Portland!
o Oregon's West Coast Electric Highway now and 2014 http://fb.me/ROP2Eof9

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ==================================*
o PCC offers plug-in vehicle orientation class April 30
 o Garden Home Community Sustainability Fair April 30 http://fb.me/1haiMSDoC

o Smart electric fun drive rolls into Portland, May 2-3
o Open Source Bridge 2013 Conference is June 18–21 http://fb.me/ss87ON3i
o Sun Grand Prix June 24-29 http://fb.me/2sPwxeHFQ
o BC2BC 2013 June 29 http://goo.gl/bcqTJ
o We'll see you at SolWest! July 26-28 http://fb.me/y5GupWhn
o EV Roadmap 6: Drivers Take the Spotlight, July 30-31 http://fb.me/O78gldAJ

*Northwest EV News of Note ============================*
o Chevy Spark specs 82 mile range, coming to Oregon this summer
o Maxwell supplies ultracapacitors for TriMet http://fb.me/1DyQlzUB7
o West Coast Electric Highway wins FHA Environmental Award
o University survey seeks e-bike riders http://fb.me/1Hf3uXuZc
o I-5 corridor now fully equipped with shore power http://fb.me/24S4wMXV0
o Solar power for your Oregon home at no additional cost
o Washington state invests $9 million in West Coast Electric Highway
o Portland is perfect market for a utility that’s vested in electric
vehicles http://fb.me/HehHgyI1
o Forest Grove planned community includes shared EVs http://fb.me/Gw0qs30J
o College received $50k for growth of Oregon EV industry

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o A triple charger with a Mennekes, CHAdeMO & SAE Combo
o video: Parker & Brammo team up http://fb.me/D9LOJKNv
o Drive Oregon at GoGreen Seattle http://pic.twitter.com/Z9w2Q3ENh3
o Brammo Empulse R on OpConnect at Bridgeport Mall http://fb.me/2AcCSRNYI
o Slideshare: Oregon's plan for EV Tourism http://fb.me/HZhOauDq
o EVs and their owners gather for an Earth Day chat http://fb.me/2BG7ogWzg
o Brammo Enertia Plus at Emigrant Lake in Oregon http://fb.me/AWqIZSLW
o album: Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid http://fb.me/2hPtlfU8M
o Nissan's CHAdeMO rollout has begun http://fb.me/259UObgIz
o Storm Chasing http://fb.me/Bf4zxSC3
o OpConnect on Electric Avenue http://fb.me/IWdEWhJo
o The EV Project rolls past 80 million miles http://theevproject.com
o Elon Musk makes the cover of TIME 100 http://fb.me/L2R3IsFt
o Ashley Horvat w/ Senator Merkley on the Oregon oil free tour

*Other EV News of Note ================================*
 o Battery care lessons learned from 120,000 EV miles http://fb.me/1w6LETLws

o Free ChargePoint Cards http://fb.me/1FbYBOA8v
o Batteries for Chevy Volt & Ford Focus to be manufactured in US
o Tesla Motors Inc Model S Sells More Than Mercedes & BMW
o BMW i3 Orders to Open in Late July http://fb.me/1eT6y3wb7
o Intention To Purchase EV In Next 12 Months Surges http://fb.me/19ezVYMQr
o Charging EV Shoppers Double Browsing Time http://fb.me/D72iUPKW
o Electric Vehicles Are Gaining Ground http://fb.me/2ecBICqSb

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