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*Top Stories ================================================*
o In Portland LEAF outsells all other Nissan models http://fb.me/GnLGJyBj
o Chevy Volt Price To Drop By $7k-$10k http://fb.me/DtLbBS31
o Nissan Leaf now cheapest 4-door electric car on sale

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ==================================*
o PCC offers plug-in vehicle orientation class April 30
 o event: smart electric fun drive rolls into Portland, May 2-3
o Open Source Bridge 2013 Conference is June 18–21 http://fb.me/ss87ON3i
o Sun Grand Prix June 24-29 http://fb.me/2sPwxeHFQ
o BC2BC 2013 June 29 http://goo.gl/bcqTJ
o We'll see you at SolWest! July 26-28 http://fb.me/y5GupWhn
o EV Roadmap 6: Drivers Take the Spotlight, July 30-31 http://fb.me/O78gldAJ

*Northwest EV News of Note ============================*
o OEVA member Travis Gintz is part of the electric generation
o EVs are good business for Oregon http://fb.me/2IZbc3xNc
o Ashley Horvat on the many advantages of EVs http://fb.me/L04Cwxpy
o Nissan bringing DC Fast Chargers to Oregon, Washington, & California
o Time-of-use electric rates can save you money charging an EV
o Oregon has a 25% EVSE tax credit, add 30% federal & your home charger is
more than half off
o Brammo raises another $4.5 million http://fb.me/2BgJlkF1P
o 11 Cities Commit to Divest from Fossil Fuels! http://fb.me/28qmgjoF4
o Oregon's air quality goes from F to C in Am.Lung Assoc. grading
o Truth about electric car charging in Portland http://fb.me/25fwpwRBy
o Sustainable Transportation Communities Requires Planning
o Oregon proposal to tax fuel efficient cars gains speed - Boo!
o Portland makes Cars.com list of greenest car shoppers

*Photos & Videos =====================================*
o Random Charging Encounter Video in Oregon http://fb.me/2LfDQXY8Q
o Electric Avenue is "All that and a bag of chips!" http://fb.me/22cF9ZyGz
o 2013 Brammo Empulse R vs Zero S ZF11.4 http://fb.me/PrY5BnsW
o Beams for new Interstate 5 viaduct in Portland http://fb.me/FUpPT4SV
o Where do EVs work? http://fb.me/1afyevkxS
o Another beautiful day in Oregon, Coos Bay bridge http://ow.ly/i/1YHZh
o Chevy Spark EV Powertrain Animation http://fb.me/2QOi0yxtW
o KillaJoule 214 MPH Electric Sidecar Motorcycle http://fb.me/Hb5nfUWu
o Bend Electric Bikes http://fb.me/2lQNWieb6

*Other EV News of Note ================================*
 o Chevy Volt Price To Drop By $7k-$10f http://fb.me/DtLbBS31
o Nissan Leaf now cheapest 4-door electric car on sale
o National parks to install charging stations and use EVs
o Total Cost of Ownership: What You Need to Know http://fb.me/1ft2EZEj9
o Tesla offers new warranty on batteries http://fb.me/1tOWnLg02
o NYT: Smart EV charging can stabilize the grid http://fb.me/UqgNWNX6
o Five myths about electric cars by Chris Paine http://fb.me/NtDctwaC
o Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Battery Problem Solved http://fb.me/2SHAjncEF
o Would you invest in Steve Jobs in 1997? If so, maybe you should
     invest in Elon Musk today http://fb.me/15gVuZ09V
o US Pipelines Incidents Are Daily Occurrence http://fb.me/IBuMTebD

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