[Oeva-list] Does it make sense to buy a lightly used Leaf?

Greg Mikol gmikol at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 6 11:19:18 PST 2013

Hey all--

I've been a long-time lurker to this list, but I don't really post. I do have a question for everybody, here:

Does it make sense for me to buy a lightly-used 2013 Leaf SV? I know someone who is looking to get out of their lease (16 months/24 left), and I'm thinking about maybe just buying him out. Is that a good idea? A bad idea? Obviously, price is a consideration. I haven't approached him yet with this, and I won't bother until I feel like I know whether this is a good idea or a bad one. We're both in Vancouver...does the WA state sales tax exemption apply to used EV sales?

BTW--I'm only on the digest-only version of this list, so it might take me a bit to respond.



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