[Oeva-list] Leaf larceny.

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Fri Dec 6 21:18:28 PST 2013

"Michael Miles" <michael.miles at kerstech.com> writes:
> Irony: As I'm reading this my laptop is plugged into an outlet at the
> airport (along with 3 other folks all plugged in with laptops or cell
> phones). No signs for permission or restriction.

So.. I assume that, because it's a plug in a "public" location that it's
ok by default.

If you spotted a $20.00 bill on the floor.. Would you assume that it should
be yours?

Presumably you had business at the airport.. say a flight out.. and your
airline paid a fee for the use of the gate and other facilities at the

Let's take this another step.. did you park at the airport you departed
from? Did you (or are you) paying for the right to park there? In doing
so, you obviously agree that if you use more services than the usual passenger,
that some compensation is in order.
> Further irony - The accused most likely lives within the school district and
> pays taxes to cover such services as electricity.  Not making it right or
> wrong, just ironic.

Actually he doesn't live in the same town.. they had an officer from another
town arrest him.

And it appears that he was there, taking (or giving?) a tennis lesson.. at
a school tennis court. (Where he'd been asked to leave before, because the
school needed it for school related activities.. at that time he'd refused!)

He had no kids enrolled in the school at the time.

And the taxes you pay, for the duration of the time you live in a district
pay for your childrens education.. and all the assocated expenses, like light
and heat etc.

Now.. if it were "fair" I should be able to stop paying school taxes, since I
don't have kids in school.. but, since I benefit from having an educated populace
around me.. I think it's worthwile to educate not only my own children.. but those
of others as well.. Presumably we can teach them right and wrong.. and whether it's
ok to steal things, just because we can... It seems that that lesson hasn't been
universally received.. either by you ( :-) ) or by the guy with the Leaf.

On another front.. I paid, at least in part for the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).. but they
won't let me use it for the weekend, to run around on a fishing jaunt... :-) (Unless I'm
George Bush.. and I bring my "mission accomplished" banner for a photo op!)
> Curious to know if the same restrictions (and legal consequences) would
> apply to a drinking fountain on school grounds that is used by people
> visiting the school outside of school hours?

Well.. if he's attending a school function.. say an official meeting, I'd
say "yes" that the water fountain.. and the rest room would be ok.. but I
would not agree that he could come in off the street, with no sanctioned 
reason to be on school grounds and do the same things.
> I see a big future in a company developing a locked power outlet box that
> institutions will install to prevent such occurrences, and an equally large
> interest on the part of those who will find new workarounds to plug in.

I think it would be cheaper to just throw this louse in jail.. how many more
would we have to lock up before the folks left would be honest citizens that
would refrain from stealing things, just because they can? :-)

How long do you think it would take before people would remember that they
shouldn't take things that don't beling to them?

And.. No.. I've never charged my cell phone or my laptop at a place where I
didn't have a valid right to be there and to be doing that.

When my laptop battery goes dead... I put it away. You can easily carry a
second laptop or cell phone battery, if you plan to need it longer than it's
capable of supporting itself.

Am I the last person on earth to think that a little larceny isn't ok?
> So it goes.
> Mike


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