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On a more positive note
Several weeks ago our Hilltop Collision store received
a thank you note from a Think driver for providing
J1772 charging. That was nice. There is also a 120 plug 
for anyone needing it. The same access 
to charging is also at West Hills Collision Center. No card
required at either location.

About a month or so ago I personally talked to a Leaf
driver who was charging at West Hills Collision Center. He had
drove up the valley and needed access to a charging station 
to make it back. They walked a few blocks to reach their 
destination while the Leaf charged. This was possible 
because of the 240 volt J1772 charging station. 

While I don't believe it's in EV drivers best interest to
take watts with out permission. I also believe most of the 
population including a good number of new EV drivers don't 
fully comprehend how little energy they use. If your 
charging with 120 volts it takes a very significant amount of time 
to charge. 

It's a shame this EV driver received so much publicity.

Access to power is going to be less critical as batteries 
are improved. In just a few years there will be little 
Incentive to use a 120 plug.  Except home or work.

Don Blazer

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   1. Re: Leaf larceny. (Michael Miles)


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Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2013 12:11:13 -0800
From: "Michael Miles" <michael.miles at kerstech.com>
Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Leaf larceny.
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Nolo contendre. No doubt you would be sending the government a
gallon-equivalent road tax for EV use without them asking for it?

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> "Michael Miles" <michael.miles at kerstech.com> writes:
> >
> > Irony: As I'm reading this my laptop is plugged into an outlet at the
> > airport (along with 3 other folks all plugged in with laptops or cell
> > phones). No signs for permission or restriction.
> So.. I assume that, because it's a plug in a "public" location that
> it's ok by default.
> If you spotted a $20.00 bill on the floor.. Would you assume that it
> should be yours?
> Presumably you had business at the airport.. say a flight out.. and
> your airline paid a fee for the use of the gate and other facilities at
> the airport.
> Let's take this another step.. did you park at the airport you departed
> from? Did you (or are you) paying for the right to park there? In doing
> so, you obviously agree that if you use more services than the usual
> passenger, that some compensation is in order.
> >
> >
> >
> > Further irony - The accused most likely lives within the school
> > district and pays taxes to cover such services as electricity.  Not
> > making it right or wrong, just ironic.
> Actually he doesn't live in the same town.. they had an officer from
> another town arrest him.
> And it appears that he was there, taking (or giving?) a tennis lesson..
> at a school tennis court. (Where he'd been asked to leave before,
> because the school needed it for school related activities.. at that
> time he'd refused!)
> He had no kids enrolled in the school at the time.
> And the taxes you pay, for the duration of the time you live in a
> district pay for your childrens education.. and all the assocated
> expenses, like light and heat etc.
> Now.. if it were "fair" I should be able to stop paying school taxes,
> since I don't have kids in school.. but, since I benefit from having an
> educated populace around me.. I think it's worthwile to educate not
> only my own children.. but those of others as well.. Presumably we can
> teach them right and wrong.. and whether it's ok to steal things, just
> because we can... It seems that that lesson hasn't been universally
> received.. either by you ( :-) ) or by the guy with the Leaf.
> On another front.. I paid, at least in part for the USS Abraham Lincoln
> (CVN-72).. but they won't let me use it for the weekend, to run around
> on a fishing jaunt... :-) (Unless I'm George Bush.. and I bring my
> "mission accomplished" banner for a photo op!)
> >
> > Curious to know if the same restrictions (and legal consequences)
> > would apply to a drinking fountain on school grounds that is used by
> > people visiting the school outside of school hours?
> Well.. if he's attending a school function.. say an official meeting,
> I'd say "yes" that the water fountain.. and the rest room would be ok..
> but I would not agree that he could come in off the street, with no
> sanctioned reason to be on school grounds and do the same things.
> >
> > I see a big future in a company developing a locked power outlet box
> > that institutions will install to prevent such occurrences, and an
> > equally large interest on the part of those who will find new
> workarounds to plug in.
> I think it would be cheaper to just throw this louse in jail.. how many
> more would we have to lock up before the folks left would be honest
> citizens that would refrain from stealing things, just because they
> can? :-)
> How long do you think it would take before people would remember that
> they shouldn't take things that don't beling to them?
> And.. No.. I've never charged my cell phone or my laptop at a place
> where I didn't have a valid right to be there and to be doing that.
> When my laptop battery goes dead... I put it away. You can easily carry
> a second laptop or cell phone battery, if you plan to need it longer
> than it's capable of supporting itself.
> Am I the last person on earth to think that a little larceny isn't ok?
> >
> > So it goes.
> >
> > Mike
> Steve
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