[Oeva-list] Does it make sense to buy a lightly used Leaf?

Greg Mikol gmikol at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 10 19:56:14 PST 2013

Wow...I want to thank everyone for their responses. I appreciate all the info, the lease deals (I hadn't seen that on Alan Webb's page), and everything else. I've decided not to buy out that neighbor's lease. It's got a bunch of negative equity built into it, and if he had the cash available to sweeten the pot for me, then he probably wouldn't be looking to get out of the lease so desperately. So I'm going to probably get a new lease of my own. Still want to test-drive the Focus EV to compare, but Vancouver Ford won't have another on the lot for 2-3 weeks. :(

I test drove a Leaf at Alan Webb on Sunday, and I generally liked it, though I would have preferred the drivers seat to go back farther (I'm 6'3"). My only real negative opinion of the Leaf comes from the lack of even a donut spare. Tire goo is stupid, especially since it destroys the TPMS sensor.

Managed to almost turtle the car on the test drive, but that's a story for a different day.

Changing subjects slightly...anybody have good links to some public charging etiquette (both as the person charging and the person wanting to charge?).

Thanks again...


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