[Oeva-list] Changing brake fluid.

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Mon Jul 1 12:37:06 PDT 2013

> By not having the vehicle inspected at a dealership, am I hurting my
> warranty at all? I still may take it in for the free battery report anyway.

So long as you comply with the maintenance requirements, set forth by the
manufacturer, I believe your warrenty is safe.

As for "boiling point" of the brake fluid.. You could probably draw a sample
of your brake fluid, and heat it up, measuring it's temp with a thermometer
until it boils.

The hard part is "getting that sample".. since brake fluid doesn't
really "flow" in the brake system.. there is no mixing.. and you might
have wet fluid in a wheel cylinder, when the fluid "tank" on the brake
master cylinder was still "dry".

Since the place where heat is generated is in the wheel... that's 
probably the fluid you care about the most... So.. if you draw a
sample from each wheel cylinder, and test each one, you would probably
have your answer.. but, by the time you have done that, you might as
well have just replaced it with "known good" brake fluid.

In addition, keeping the water out of your brake lines is a good thing
from a corrosion point of view. (Assuming, of course that you can keep
an EV on the road for long enough for it to matter! Will there be any
50 year old EV's on the road in 45 years? Any 100 year old ones? Will
the next generation of car collectors be able to keep the old ones 
running? It's just as likely that the current generation of ICE's won't
be maintainable over the long run due to lack of propiretary parts.)


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