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Hi Alan,

Great trip report. and Kudos for the bravery. I particularly enjoyed the
photo essay.

It is always fun to see and hear about EV folks challenging their comfort
zone and testing out the public EV charging infrastructure. The more brave
souls that use these remote locations for charging the more others will

Thank you,

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 8:21 PM, Alan Batie <alan at batie.org> wrote:

> My trip report for the Redmond Parade:
> http://alan.batie.org/photos/lumix/2013/0704-cvo-2-redmond/
> Highlights:
> * the SB exit to the Springfield FC doesn't exist at the moment - you
> have to go to the next exit south and backtrack (or possibly the
> earlier, westbound half of the exit and then backtrack - not sure which
> is shorter), adding several miles - Beware!
> * high temps (90F) in Rainbow caused charging problems - the FC was
> charging at L2 speeds up to about 50% and then "charge complete".
> Something cooled or reset by then and it Fast Charged normally after
> restarting.
> * The parade went well and people liked the EV, though I was surprised
> that many hadn't heard of the Leaf and wondered "who makes it?"
> * We need to come up with some "parade grade" messaging, as this looks
> like a good way to promote EVs...
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