[Oeva-list] 100% Electric RX-7 For Sale

Jason Weitz flyingsockman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 08:46:45 PDT 2013

Okay, so here's the story with this. It has been an ongoing labor of love
with a dull ending. That is to say, I can't drive it anywhere now, because
work has moved down town and parking is just too expensive. Here's the good
news. . . this car drives on only electricity! Here's a short list of what
has already been done:

Motor installed
Controller installed
Pot box installed and rigged to throttle
Batteries installed (FLA's)
Charger installed (with long cord, you have to see it)
Dual heaters installed with separate controllers
DC-DC converter installed
Long term 12v off switch installed

And then I installed about 100 other doo-dads and electrical bits that I
can't even remember. Here's what needs to be done still:

Install battery monitoring system (included, literally plugging in a few
Install optional monitor/display (included)
Install stereo (included)
Put it all back together (partially done)

I've spent over $12,000 on this project. I'm hoping for at least a chance
to get $2,000, since it is an almost finished conversion. This is a project
car, and there is still work to do. Undergoing chemotherapy has made this
the point where its just better to give it to someone who loves this kind
of project and wants to finish a great car. So come check it out, and make
me your best offer. Thanks!

See pictures: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/3909249182.html

Jason Weitz
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