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Vehicle exhaust is dangerous, dangerous stuff, and somestudies (Szagun and Seidel. 2000) have estimated car exhaust kills fivetimes as many people as car crashes, but there classes at far greater risk thanEV drivers.
Bicyclists and pedestrians are at far greater risk thanEV drivers, since the aerobic exercise of walking and cycling pullspollutants into the deepest parts of the lungs, which is not the case when you’resitting on your ass in an EV. Even worse, tailpipes are often mounted on the right-handside, where they discharge directly into the bike lane or sidewalk, while thedriver of the following car is on the left-hand side and thus is somewhatprotected. (George. Monsere. Figliozzi. 2010)
Further, EV drivers only sit in traffic for an hour ortwo per day, while people living, working, or going to school along thehighways are exposed to those pollutants 24/7. People who live near a freewayhave asthma at much higher rates than the general population and arealmost twice as likely to die from heart or lung disease (Hoek et al. 2002)while children are six times more likely to develop all types of cancers andeight times more likely to get leukemia (Pearson et al. 2000). Despitethis, their lawsuits haven’t exactly stopped new highways from being built (orexisting freeways widened) and if people can’t win lawsuits even with the amplemedical research that exists demonstrating harm, EV drivers don’t have a chance.


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Question -

Now that there are over 100,000 EVers, is that a large enough group to 
form a "class", as in "class action suit"?

Seems as if they should have a case against the harmful effects of being 
exposed to the second hand emissions from all those ICE vehicles sharing 
the road with them (cigarette smoke being the precedence).

Gary M.

The EVs are coming

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