[Oeva-list] Electric car racetrack in North Portland? - Portland Business Journal

chris at darkstarpro.com chris at darkstarpro.com
Mon Jul 8 11:54:39 PDT 2013

Well, they're close!

In a space of 45,000 sqft, when they say high performance electric 
cars, this is what they mean:


Not Tesla Roadsters or Nissan Leafs, but electric "go-karts!"

SyKart in Tigard (http://sykart.com/) uses gasoline go-karts at their 
facility, but I heard eventually they're moving to electric too.


On 08.07.2013 11:40, Scott Hippe wrote:
> http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/real-estate-daily/2013/07/vroom-harsch-contemplates-electric.html?ana=e_ptl_real&s=newsletter&ed=2013-07-08&u=mT+Etrf+OISL5aoCC7CxtljD07B&t=1373308745

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