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Wm Bates billbates at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 14:21:46 PDT 2013

 Email list are new to me. I'm not use to the methods and tricks of
replying to message. Looks like I need to click the reply to all and
not just the reply button. Since Steve asked me the question on an
email list, I'll repeat my reply that I sent him for all to see:

Hi Steve,

 I only saw two three wheelers. The blue Corbin Sparrow and a black
three wheeler that opened up like a clam. If this is the black one
you're referring to, I know it all too well.

 I am the owner of the black three wheeler, have many photos in
various states of work being done on it
http://www.flickr.com/photos/wmbates/sets and run an internet forum
dedicated to those particulate vehicles. (www.LEVforum.com <-- not
included in original email)

 The trike was manufactured in Eugene, Oregon by a company called
NEVCO. The model name is: Gizmo. We refer to them as either a Gizmo or
NEVCO Gizmo. The Gizmos were designed by Mark Murphy who also designed
later on the BugE. To the best of my knowledge, NEVCO's production run
lasted from 2000-2004. There were either 38 or 40 built. Mine is a
2001 model and was the 19th one built.

 I have upgraded all the high voltage side with the exception of the
DC/DC converter. That is on the list also but I need to figure out my
final traction pack voltage first. The Gizmos were built to run 48V on
lead batteries. I have rebuilt mine with all parts rated for 72V
minimum and am running a 2p18s pack of CALB LiFePO4 cells.

 I saw my first Gizmo at the 2006 EV Awareness Day and said to myself,
"if I ever have an electric vehicle, I want a Gizmo." They remind me
of a cartoon car or cartoon helicopter without it's rotor. If I can
answer anymore questions about the Gizmo, please feel free to ask.


On 7/14/13, Steve's Account <stevel at fern.com> wrote:
>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/wmbates/sets/72157634623151447/
> Bill, do you know who manufacturered the black, three wheeler with
> the "pop top lid"?
> It was on the end of the front row of the pictures you posted with
> "Electro" on the side.
> Thanks
> Steve
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