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Gary Munkhoff gary at greenlivingjournal.com
Wed Jul 24 12:11:10 PDT 2013

No problem with charging early at Cascade Locks. Just pull out the post 
at the entrance (by the playground) to the charger area. If it gives you 
any problem, just go around it.

How many will be arriving?

Tom Cramblett (our hefty sternwheeler captain, grounds keeper, and city 
mayor) will be notified that you all are coming so that he can arrange 
the grass watering schedule to keep you dry.

Phil - We will be leaving Cascade Locks Thurs. afternoon and going 
through Condon. We'll watch for you. If you need anything call me at 

Happy trails.

Gary M

On 7/23/13 11:13 PM, Ray Blackburn wrote:
> Phil,
> I am sure you can charge at Cascade Locks anytime of the wee hours of 
> the morning.  I will cc Gary Munkoff I suspect he would agree. You 
> just have to pull that center steak out and drive through.
> Ray Blackburn
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> Hi Phil,
> I would say you have it right. Unfortunately this is the state of 
> affairs with a Leaf and Think size packs with 3.3 kw charging.
> I think we should all be meeting up at Cascade locks in the morning.  
> Are you saying you will be leaving Cascade Locks at 6 am or arriving?  
> I plan on leaving the NE side around 7 am.  Should be in Cascade Locks 
> about 7:15 am.   No, just kidding, around 7:45 am, are you going to be 
> there?
> Yea, Condon does close early, if it is any consolation Bubba says he 
> can get into the Elks.  If Vince and I go on our merry way I think we 
> could be in Fossil by 6:00 pm, unplug John and start charging... I am 
> not sure what we will do, remaining flexible.
> Bubba's probably going to wind up being powered by the AAA as he is 
> not familiar with EVchee and synergy.  Remember to ask for a flat bed 
> Bubba!  Better yet ask them to send out the NG generator.
> Ray Blackburn
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> Hi Ray,
> I did a quick back of the envelope calculation and I figure if I start 
> at 7am at Cascade locks, I probably won't get to Condon until about 
> 7:30pm.  All the food places close at 8pm so we either have to bring 
> food (possible), or move the time table up an hour or drive slower to 
> burn less electrons.   This does not affect you because you have a 
> much larger battery but for me (leafs can use DCQC), to get to Condon 
> in time for dinner means I would need to be at Cascade Locks at 6am to 
> have some margin.
> Can we get into the park at Cascade Locks that early?  Am I insane?
> Phil H.

The EVs are coming

Gary Munkhoff, Publisher
Green Living Journal
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