[Oeva-list] Fashion a response to the anti-EV interview on Here & Now

Gary Munkhoff gary at greenlivingjournal.com
Mon Jul 29 22:56:37 PDT 2013

Mr. Zehner's article caused quite a stir on Linkedin when Faith Ozel 
posted it.

Check it out here: http://linkd.in/13VyPJb

Here are  two responses I made to his posting of the article.

First Response:

To fully understand what Mr. Zehner's motive was in writing this 
article, check him out. This is not about the EV vs. the Ice, this about 
taking the personal automobile out of the picture.

His vision for a sustainable future requires that we all greatly reduce 
the amount of energy that we consume, and this is not possible if every 
home has 2+ automobiles gobbling up energy, no matter the source of that 

In his world (mind), therefore, the EV is just as dirty as the ICE.

Good luck selling that idea Mr. Zehner. Americans will give up their 
cars right after they give up their guns.

Second Response:

OK let's look at the situation.

There are now over 1 billion cars (ICE) on the roads of the world. Some 
forecast that by 2050 that number could be 2.5 billion.

That is a net increase of over 1.5 billion cars in 37 years, or more 
than 40 million additional cars on the road every year.

According to Daniel Sperling at UC Davis' Institute of Transportation, 2 
billion cars would require the world to produce 120 million barrels of 
oil a day, up from 87 million today.

In addition, the world's population is expected to top 9 billion by the 
year 2050, according to the United Nations' projections.

This is the situation that we are facing as we race towards the year 2050.

Now for those of you who would argue that the EV is not a necessary 
evolutionary step in averting the environmental catastrophe that 2.5 
billion ICE vehicles on the road would bring down upon us, get real and 
pull yourself into the 21st Century. Stop thinking and acting like a 
bunch of "flat earthers" by ignoring the consequences of not adopting 
electric drive vehicles, along with a renewable energy grid/ dispersed 
generation combination.

Even if, beginning right now, every single person, corporation and 
government in the world, all agreed to work toward the mass adoption of 
the EV, the task of doing so in 37 short years, is a daunting challenge. 
It could very well be impossible.

We've got one shot to get it right, and the clock is running. Our 
grandchildren will live (or suffer) with the results.

This should be the topic of debate, not Mr. Zehner's opinions and grand 

The EVs are coming

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