[Oeva-list] Mr. Zehner's article

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Tue Jul 30 11:28:02 PDT 2013

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, Dima Kukushkin wrote:

> As long as US is burning coal/oil to generate any electricity - every EV
> purchased does increase burn of coal/oil at power plants.  ONLY if we would
> be generating 100% of power from renewables - newly produced EV won't be
> causing extra burn (there may be exceptions as always, like if specific
> city has excess of hydro power at night and extra EV charging will only
> cause turbine to spin "faster" at night than it would otherwise.

There is no such thing as "excess" hydro power.. There is "almost" no
elasticity in the the electric grid. So.. power must be generated
at the time it's needed to be of any use what so ever.

(Yes, there are a few things that are "elastic", there are a few
sites where water is pumped up hill during the night to use
during the day.. and there is a new "battery" storage facility
going in in Oregon, as a demonstration project. And there are some
load shedding capabilities in the ability for power companies to turn
off non-critical loads when needed.)

The only good killowatt is one that isn't consumed.

AC generators can't generate more power by turning faster. It just
doesn't work that way. Once they are at "capacity" you can't
get any more power out of them.

In addition, we might be better off leaving the water for the fish!

I'll know we are "serious" about energy production/conservation, when
1000 "fiends" of Oregon starts lobbying for wind power in the gorge
because that's where it can be produced, where we have transmission
lines, and near centers of demaind. As it is now, they don't see
wind turbines as "beautiful".. I hope they eventually do.


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