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Your statements:

And a large fraction of the people in the US live in CITIES.. where they
don't need transportation.. It's another case where you use selective
statistics to bolster a "use case".

I bet, if you take the "average driver" based on the one that drives
the average number of miles, instead of picking the ones that live
in densely populated areas, the number changes dramatically.

Based on the 2000 census 58% of Americans live in urban areas of 200,000 
or more and 79% live in urban areas that include cities over 50,000 and 
urban clusters of 2500 to 49999 people.

Where would you suggest the Department of Transportation "pick" their 
sample in order to compute the average number of miles driven on a daily 

And who are you to say that city dwellers don't need transportation? Are 
you suggesting that the 79% should not have a car?

How would you haul your 250 lbs., 100 miles a day, if we follow Mr. 
Zehner's ideas?

Gary M

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