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Philip N Barnhart phil at barnhart.us
Wed Jun 5 11:32:55 PDT 2013

The Oregon Senate just passed my bill, HB 3301, with a vote of 29-1. The
bill requires Home Owner's Associations to allow condominium owners to
install a plug-in or charging station at their parking places at the condo
to charge their EVs.

The bill now comes back to the House for concurrence with the Senate
amendments. It earlier passed the House floor  unanimously. I expect it
will pass again.

As we all know, being able to charge at home is critically important for
most of us to decide to buy an EV. If you live in multi-family housing like
a condo, this bill removes one possible obstacle; a recalcitrant HOA will
not be able to prevent the installation. If anyone wants to read the bill
it can be found at the legislative web site:


I appreciate the help of many legislators, condo owners, and Drive Oregon
in getting this bill passed.

Phil Barnhart
State Representative
Central Lane and Linn Counties
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