[Oeva-list] Oregon EV Tax, Verizon and your privacy

Dima Kukushkin dimakukushkin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 22:27:27 PDT 2013

I’ll seize further discussion from my side, so it doesn’t look like I am
trying to convince you all, just wanted to share my point of view, which
includes living big part of life in a country with setup very much opposite
from what you have in US.

And having what you have – many people take it for granted and act unhappy.

Privacy?  Well, if you bought and registered a car, got on the public road,
drove thru crowded intersections with cameras – what kind of privacy are
you expecting?  Plus, do you really not have a cell phone? If you do – your
position can be looked up at any moment for past months. Did it myself.
Probably that is why your private property called private because you have
privacy while you are within your land?

GPS tracking (if ever enabled to have actual coordinates, vs just telling
which state are you in) – will be illegal to use just like giving me a
false ticket is today.  And “Just because it's violated by a few does not
diminish that it is law.”

Wiretap? Come on, people, no one is even able to listen thru all
conversations. Recent big scandal had only numbers recorded.
Again, want to have private conversation – don’t use public means of
communication.  Find a room and talk there.

And of course news channels made a big deal out of recent scandal, using
word “wiretap” which has nothing in common with what has actually happened  -
just to get everyone jumping up and down with word freedom.

But as one of my favorite movies had – “freedom is not free”.

Still can’t believe one would say to person’s face  “sorry, miss, your son
was killed because I prefer my privacy over government's ability to monitor
suspicious activity”


On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Alan Batie <alan at batie.org> wrote:

> On 6/18/13 5:48 PM, Dima Kukushkin wrote:
> > Would you tell this to relatives of people killed in recent acts?
> > shootings, bombings, etc?
> Yes.  Even 9/11, bad as it was, the reaction was far worse and probably
> exceeded the terrorists wildest dreams.  It was a one-shot deal: after,
> no one on a plane will ever stand by and let it be hijacked again.  All
> the security theater after did nothing but make flying a royal pain for
> the millions of travelers every year after, not to mention the major
> erosion of civil rights from the unpatriotic act.  The US is huge, and
> terrorists are few - the real danger is nuclear or biological weapons
> that can actually have a major impact.  Otherwise, terrorists are just
> bullies and should be treated as such: their whole point is get people
> to overreact, just like we did.  If we don't, they lose.
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