[Oeva-list] FW: Update! Blink DC Fast Charger Fees.....Still Free !!!

Rick Durst Rick.Durst at pgn.com
Thu Jun 27 06:41:35 PDT 2013

I just confirmed that Ecotality has not started charging a fee at DC Quick Chargers in Oregon, yet...... if you were actually charged a fee please contact me.

Vote now and fill up early and often ...... while it is free!!!!!

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Dear Rick,

A couple of weeks ago we reached out to let you know that fees for DC Fast Chargers were coming to your area. We even told you when and how much.

Since then we have gotten a lot feedback and we want to put the wisdom of our community to good use. So over the next few months we will be testing different pricing models to see which one generates the most interest.

Here’s how it will work:

 *   On a regular basis we’ll change the pricing plan in certain markets
 *   We will notify members in those specific markets about pricing model changes as they roll out
 *   We will collect the data on usage and then identify the model that works best

If you prefer a pricing model, get out and support it by charging your car frequently. The more people charge, the greater the likelihood that this is how we will price DC Fast Charger charging.

Unconventional? Perhaps. But like Blink, you have bucked the norm simply by choosing an EV. That bold decision merits giving you a voice in how you want to pay for charging.

Thanks for taking part.

Charge on.


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