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Great review Gary thorough and thoughtful.
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>    1. Re: Testa S compared to LEAF - driving experience (Gary Graunke)
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> Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 13:49:38 -0800
> From: "Gary Graunke" <gary at whitecape.org>
> Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Testa S compared to LEAF - driving experience
> To: "'Dima Kukushkin'" <dimakukushkin at gmail.com>
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> I also am a happy Leaf owner, but took delivery of a model S last March. I
> still drive both of them, though I'm driving the Tesla more and more.
> Mostly, the big screen Navigation system is extremely helpful in rush hour
> for finding routes that avoid backups.
> There are many similarities. Both hold the road well with low center of
> gravity. Both have almost scary acceleration, though the Tesla is much more
> so. It took me a while to learn to not press so hard on the accelerator,
> even if I was passing. (At John Day, I passed a Prius going 45 with little
> passing lane left-at 90 mph! I didn't want it to be that dramatic). It's
> hard to believe that it is a 4500 lb car. It is a foot longer, and bit
> wider. I prefer driving the smaller Leaf downtown Portland where things are
> tight. The extra size and wider turning radius make the Tesla harder to
> park. The Tesla backup camera does not (yet) have the wonder orange lines,
> but the mirrors can tilt downward when in reverse to see the line markings.
> The Tesla nearly instantly accelerates to however fast you want to go, and
> also has much more regen, so it slows down without using the brakes. Much
> faster reaction time (starts when your foot goes off the accelerator), and
> if you need the brakes, they are also very effective (60-0 in 108 feet).
> You
> don't want to stomp on them unless you have your seat belt on, and no one
> is
> behind you. I have not yet tried to reproduce the 60-0 distance. The Tesla
> regen holds it to 6 mph going down the 14% grade on Weir Road in South
> Beaverton, and 7 mph going down Miller Hill Rd in Aloha.
> I once had a Jeep give up on passing me on US26 just as I was running out
> of
> passing lane. I was on cruise control at 55, and it was uphill. I hit the
> pedal, and instantly was going 75 mph-leaving him in the dust and merging
> before my lane ran out. The Tesla can do 75 on the curves on US26 in good
> weather-it does everything except see around the corner effortlessly. The
> really great control makes the Tesla optimal in avoiding bad situations.
> It's limited by the driver more  than the car.
> It is really hard to maintain the speed limit without other cars to follow
> because of the quiet and effortless acceleration. However, the cruise
> control is wonderful, and I use it all the time when I am not in traffic.
> It
> lets you bump up or down 5 mph, 1 mph (lighter touch). This is very handy
> when entering small towns with reduced speed limits-no need to use your
> feet
> at all! The speedometer display shows the cruise control speed, even if it
> is not engaged. You can re-engage it by pulling back, suspend it my pushing
> forward, and engage at the current speed by pressing up or down.
> The extra range (I have a P85 KWH pack, range of 270+ miles) is great.
> Supercharging is much simpler and faster than Leaf DCQC and no "80% is
> full"
> problem. Their supercharging stations have 8-12 bays, so less risk of
> waiting or outage. I have a higher electric bill, since I charge more for
> trips at home vs currently free DCQC on the Leaf. The Tesla is giving me
> 300
> WH/mi, or 3.33 miles/KWH. This is worse than the Leaf, of course. It gets
> better (almost 250 Wh/mi, 4 mi/KWH) at 60 mph, however, when the optional
> air suspension drops to its lowest position. They have been working on
> tuning the battery temperature management so it doesn't use so much
> electricity when parked (I leave it in the garage to avoid wasting juice
> for
> this). Now when it is outside in the cold overnight, it has a dotted line
> on
> the power display showing regen and charging speeds are limited (when the
> battery is low, it has a dotted line showing limited discharge wattage). I
> don't miss standing out in the cold and rain at night at a DCQC so much-the
> extra capacity means would do this at most every 4-5 hours of driving, and
> the charging rate is faster. (A Leaf with the same battery/range would be
> just as wonderful)!
> The 10 KW charger is great (I passed on the 20KW one). I'm sure the 6KW
> charger in new Leafs is a much needed improvement. It can fully charge at
> home in 9 hours, or at an RV park with 50A service. I will be buying a
> Chademo-to-Tesla S adaptor when they are available. While we can go from
> Mexico to Canada as of last week, the Leaf DCQC network is still very
> useful
> for the coast and going east.
> Both cars have rear seats that fold down so you can haul stuff. I recently
> took a 6 foot couch down to Corvallis in the Tesla. It was a tight fit, but
> the hatch was fully closed.
> I originally was going to wait until battery prices made cars with the
> range
> of the Tesla S more affordable, but, having lost 2 wives to cancer, I
> decided to go for it while I'm still healthy and able to travel. I'm
> looking
> forward to seeing more improvements (mostly battery size) in the Leaf, and
> to the Tesla more affordable car that is on the drawing board now.
> So the Tesla S is a luxury car. It is less efficient, but very safe and
> performant. Everything is  top-notch. The 17" ipad display and long range
> are currently luxuries.
> But I am not one to spend on luxury transportation in my life prior to the
> model S. I would be very happy with a Leaf with the same range and somewhat
> bigger display.
> Finally, I think that having the auto manufacturer allocate part of the
> price of the electric car for charging infrastructure is the right business
> model. No chicken and egg-for every X hundred cars you sell, you install
> one
> charging station (with multiple bays). This is true even if charging is not
> free-just reasonable and, of course, available.
> Gary
> From: oeva-list-bounces at oeva.org [mailto:oeva-list-bounces at oeva.org] On
> Behalf Of Dima Kukushkin
> Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 10:25 AM
> To: OEVA List
> Subject: [Oeva-list] Testa S compared to LEAF - driving experience
> I am sure there are alot of people on this list with much greated
> experience
> than my 20 minute test drive yesterday.  Especially if you owned Leaf
> before
> Tesla S - how does your driving experience compare?
> No doubt having huge battery is a big argument, but besides range,
> acceleration and better put together interior - I didn't feel a whole
> different from Leaf.
> Limping alone 217 in traffic I couldn't tell that Tesla felt any different
> (putting steering setting in normal mode and regen at Low).
> Maybe a bit quiter on high speeds.
> As for interior - it is so different, that at least so far - I like Leaf's
> layout more. Comfier.
> I went for test drive with FEAR that I will fall in love with it and will
> have to finance S immediately, but for happines of my family budget -  I
> was
> happy to drive my Leaf after all.
> Price wasn't the last argument ofcourse, but except range I couldn't find
> justification for extra 60k on top of Leaf
> Don't blame me thou. What is your experience?
> Dmitry
> Happy Leaf owner for 2 years with 30k miles.
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