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What If Electric Cars Were the Norm and Gasoline Cars Were Trying to Enter
the Market?

 *Top Story =================================================*
o SBO Award Winners 2013: Brammo's electric roar http://buff.ly/HVCsr7

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o Piloting Portland’s MultiModal Arterial Performance System, November 22

*Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o Why some states are selling more electric cars than others
o Portland's Electric Avenue experiment may continue http://buff.ly/183RVla
o Mt Hood Skibowl Joins the Oregon Electric Highway http://buff.ly/1gVqlsU
o Brandborg Vineyard joins West Coast Electric Highway
o Elk Cove Vineyards in Gaston adding EV charging stations
o Including fuel, EVs cost less - Portland Trib http://buff.ly/1hIW560
o A Recharging Industry Rises http://buff.ly/17pRV9c

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Shorepower unit charging up a Nissan Leaf in Grapevine
o Nissan Leaf driving through a Chandelier Tree
o Volvo's Sun-Powered EV-Charging Pavilion http://pic.twitter.com/TGD9ips9z5
o New eco-friendly EV charging method discovered ;)
o EV driver explains why he likes his EV http://buff.ly/1b0oDUZ
o What will the Tesla Truck look like? http://pic.twitter.com/QfgQeFDfbv
o Film review: Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) http://buff.ly/1avnthl
o SolarCity teams up with BMW to power BMW electric cars [video]

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o Consumers Have Favorable Views of Electric Vehicles, but Awareness
Remains Low, According to Navigant Research Survey http://buff.ly/183TwHO
o Why Big Oil will shrink and its stocks tumble - MarketWatch
o Will self-healing tech extend EV battery range & life? | MIT Technology
Review http://buff.ly/18HC1Yn
o Government of Quebec Awards $657,000 For Electric School Bus Project
o Survey: Most consumers don't know about electric vehicle incentives
o This Electric Volkswagen Beetle is Perfect for the Modern Hippie
o Motley Fools Says High Demand for BMW i3 May Actually Help Tesla
o Kia to Launch EV Soul in America http://buff.ly/1gSQOaG
o Electric Vehicles Approach Popularity Tipping Point http://buff.ly/1gSQ2KJ

o PlugInsights report highlights need to expand public fast charging
o BMW to offer CHAdeMO in some markets, SAE Combo Fast Charge in other
regions http://buff.ly/1gSjf8H
o Comprehensive Study of Plug-in Habits allows EVs to say "I told you so"
o BMW i3 wait times extend up to 5 months http://buff.ly/18wwvHI
o Volkswagen XL1 Sold Out as Orders Exceed Total Production
o Elon Musk: Tesla to Make Its Own Electric Version of Ford F-150
o Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid SUV, Outlander PHEV, receives RJC Technology of
the Year 2014 http://buff.ly/1hIVvW2
o Industrial Accident At Tesla: Latest News http://buff.ly/18uxTuy
o VW introduces electric Golf http://buff.ly/1i9W4pt
o How Electric Cars Can Make Everyone Feel Special http://buff.ly/1eKlfz3
o Formula E high-speed electric races will spark interest in battery
powered vehicles http://youtu.be/Vb98hijoPmI
o Nissan increases investment in infrastructure to speed EV sales
o Will a new series of high-speed races rev up the electric car market?
o Our first drive of the BMW i3 electric car. It blows away Nissan LEAF

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