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Our technician was just there- the GFI was tripping around 30 seconds of
charge time.
He replaced the GFI and it is now working fine (as of today).


On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 8:26 AM, <chris at darkstarpro.com> wrote:

> Hi Chaz,
> Unfortunately, I believe the issue is with the Shorepower EVSE. This
> was one of the very first (if not -the- first) Shorepower J1772 EVSE
> units built. My understanding is that PGE no longer has a service
> maintenance agreement with Shorepower for the maintenance of this
> station, so I would recommend reporting the problem to PGE directly.
> J1772 diagnostic equipment is prohibitively expensive, but I suspect
> that the 12v pilot may be off a bit, or even a loose pilot connection
> could be blame here. I had a similar experience with a Chargepoint unit
> in Sherwood (the single unit at the angled parking) a few weeks ago and
> was told they replaced some equipment, however I haven't been back out
> yet to try it again.
> If you are able to charge at Blink stations in particular, I highly
> doubt the issue is with your Nissan Leaf as the Blink units perform the
> full-compliment if J1772 tests and monitoring while a vehicle charges.
> Nissan went above-and-beyond by replacing your internal charger based on
> a single EVSE charging issue and I believe are making the right call
> that the issue is with the particular EVSE.
> Sincerely,
> Chris Arnesen
> On 19.11.2013 22:55, Chaz Smith wrote:
> > Hi there folks, I am in need of some help/support regarding an
> > ongoing  issue that I been having with my 2012 Nissan Leaf SL.
> >
> > A sort of log of the issue (I did not make an entry for every success
> > or every failure) can be found by those with access to the Plug Share
> > app or website by looking at the check-ins for the PGE charger in
> > Tualatin.
> >
> > I want to say at the outset that I really really like my Leaf (my
> > wife and I call her Lucy) and I also enjoy  being a sort of defacto
> > ambassador for EVs, Nissan or otherwise .
> >
> > I do have this a very annoying and inconvenient charger compatibility
> > issue with the PGE based charger located off of Mohawk Street in
> > Tualatin (this is a Shore Power level 2, non-CHadeMO charger). I
> > frequently work at a nearby office building that is within a five
> > minute walk.
> >
> > When I work in Tualatin, I my commute is  appropriately 50 miles
> > round trip.  Most of the commute is freeway along I-205.  So far,
> > through spring, winter and fall I have been able to make it there and
> > back without charging, provided that I leave my house with a full
> > charge and have no extra curricular errands to make during the day.
> >
> > I obtained the car (two year lease) last February and it worked
> > (charging using the Tualatin PGE charger) without issue for several
> > months,  possibly as late as July.   After that and ever since then
> > my
> > Leaf starts charging only to stop after 33 to 35 seconds and leaving
> > some type of warning/error code light, which is stored but goes away
> > after the vehicle is turned off and back on again.
> >
> > My car has not had any issues with any other public or private
> > chargers.
> >
> > I am aware of several other EVs that have been and are able to
> > successfully charge at the location in question without any apparent
> > issues including at least three other Nissan Leafs.  I personally
> > know
> > the owners of two of the three other Leafs,  one is an OEVA member
> > who
> > has a 2011 Leaf.  The other is a coworker who was inspired by my
> > experience to lease a 2013 Leaf.  I also personally know two 2013
> > Toyota Prius plug-in owners that have successfully used that charger
> > within the last week.   I have also seen a Chevy Volt successfully
> > charge there not too long ago, and via Plug Share, am aware that a
> > Chevy Spark has successfully charged there within the last month or
> > so.
> >
> > I have now taken my Leaf to a Nissan dealer a total of four times
> > regarding this issue.  The first one (Nissan of Portland) cleared the
> > warning codes and told me to just not use that "bad charger."
> >
> > The last three times I took it to the closest dealer to the charger
> > in question.   That dealer is in Wilsonville and it is a Ron Tonkin
> > dealership.  The service department and service  advisor that worked
> > with me there, Chad McKay, treated me well and earned my respect for
> > the efforts that were made in trying to fix my car.   They have done
> > a
> > substantial amount of trouble shooting for me and even took another
> > Leaf they had on the lot to the charger in question to prove that it
> > (the Tualatin charger) was not defective, and in so doing obtained
> > Nissan 's blessing to replace part or all of the on board charger.
> > Unfortunately, that still did not resolve the issue, the car still
> > stops charging after barely more than 30 seconds and still throws
> > error codes.
> >
> > They (Nissan, not the Wilsonville dealer) are now telling me that my
> > car is fine and that the problem is the charger's fault.  They say
> > that it (the charger) probably needs a software update.   I call BS.
> > Why would it work for all the other cars and for other Leafs made a
> > year prior to and a year after mine if the charger 's software was
> > not
> > up to date or was the problem?
> >
> > Today, I tried to explain this and escalate my situation with a
> > Nissan Leaf customer service representative (I dealt with a fellow
> > named Alex, last name unknown) who claimed that there is no one above
> > him to escalate my case to.   Essentially, he was telling me tough,
> > the car is fine as far as he was concerned and I should just learn to
> > live with it and/or hope that the charger owner/manufacturer will fix
> > my compatibility issue with a future software update on the charger.
> > Why would they "fix"  something that's working for everyone else?
> >
> > The only thing remotely useful that the rep did for me was giving me
> > a case #1251247.
> >
> > Needless to say, I am very frustrated and disappointed with what
> > happened.
> >
> > I have previously worked in the then local Portland Better Business
> > Bureau Dispute Resolution Department and I have served as mediator
> > and
> > arbitrator in lemon law and related automobile repair cases.  Given
> > this background, I was surprised at the lack of empathy, open
> > mindedness, and dedication to resolving the matter in a way that
> > would
> > be likely to retain my loyalty and satisfaction as a Nissan customer.
> >
> > I am no technical wiz, but suspect that my Leaf had some bad software
> > code or a sensor issue that the others do not.  It seems a careful
> > study of a Leaf that works on that charger and mine would ultimately
> > yield a different setting or piece of program code which would result
> > in a satisfactory fix.
> >
> > It might be helpful if anyone out there with the same year
> > and preferably same model Leaf would try the charger and report back
> > either here or in the Plug Share App.   It is possible that there is
> > something special, in a bad way, about the 2012 Leaf, though I doubt
> > it.
> >
> > If anyone out there has any special connections within Nissan
> > customer service or have any good ideas technical or otherwise on how
> > to get a happy resolution, please reply to this and share.   Your
> > help
> > will be greatly appreciated.
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