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*Editors Note ===============================================*
I am thankful to Von Guericke, Volta, Ohm, Tesla, Ampère, Faraday, Edison,
Tesla, Marconi, & everyone else that advanced our EV related knowledge

 *Top Story =================================================*
o Three cheers for Ashley Horvat! Oregon's Chief EV Officer

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o Fix-It Fair: Free event, talk to the experts about how to save & stay
healthy January 25  http://buff.ly/1h475JV
o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August
10, 2014 http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK

*Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o Travel & Leisure Magazine named PDX the Best US Airport & we agree, they
have solar panels & EV charging!
o Northwest auto loan company offers special rates for electric cars
o Blink network getting service and repairs nationally http://buff.ly/IqSskT

o Controversy Follows 'Megaloads' Through Oregon-Idaho Route
o New Woodburn I-5 Park-N-Ride to have EV Charging http://buff.ly/18zJTP5
o Level 2 is good for home & work, but DC Fast Charging is what you need
for roadtrips http://buff.ly/18jMUoL
o Reserve your 2013 Brammo / ICON Spec 32 - Eboz Edition Motorcycle
o You can visit covered bridges, local wineries, coastal loops, Mt Hood, or
Rogue River National Forest all by EV http://buff.ly/1jvCxhd
o Oregon's most popular EV charger is in Hood River, next to Full Sail
Brewing http://buff.ly/1jvCxhd
o Oregon is hugely serious about electric cars http://buff.ly/1jvCxhd
o Why cities hold the key to the success of EVs http://buff.ly/18b5peY
o Tesla is looking to hire a Product Specialist at the Washington Square
store http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/csr/4203623175.html
o New ChargePro L2 stations installed at Sokol Blosser Winery, Joel Palmer
House Restaurant & coming soon to Winderlea Vineyards
o SBO Award Winners 2013: Drive Oregon, pedal to the metal
o Congrats to Brammo for 1st place in the N. America FIM eRoad Racing World
Cup 2013 http://buff.ly/1h0P13h
o Brammo Discusses Future Electric Car; Says It’s 85% Complete

*Local Photos & Videos =======================================*
o Happy Thanksgiving pic.twitter.com/Rjk5UOYCOo
o WAAAM Air & Auto Museum held "A Century of EVs" event
   Oregon Tesla owners showed up to show their love for EVs
o Brammo Empulse R via Brammo Hong Kong pic.twitter.com/tP0OuDYmle
o Drive Oregon at EVS27, photo by @EVS27Bcn pic.twitter.com/xXgPcxnCy5
o Brammo: 4 years of EVolution pic.twitter.com/pz2ofV4LeO
o Brammo HQ in Talent, OR pic.twitter.com/TjLICJSAFs
o smart electric in Portland pic.twitter.com/0J9DCA23Di
o Three-peat | Brammo for the Win  http://buff.ly/1jopnCz

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o infographic: Electric Charging Stations via Department of Energy
o audio: The Race To Build The Car Of The Future - Stories behind the
Automotive X Prize http://buff.ly/1jHEaZc
o Kawasaki concept electric cyberpunk cycle
o video: Nissan BladeGlider: What If We Electrified the Fun?
o video: Tesla Model S Is Perfect Car For Winter http://buff.ly/1iJucZq
o video: Electric Hot Rods: Andrew McClary at TEDx Jupiter
o video: Tallahassee gets Electric Busses http://buff.ly/17NsRwn
o video: Mitsubishi Concept AR (2013 Tokyo Motor Show)
o video: Elon Musk Discusses Tesla Model S Fires at Dealbook Conference
o Infographic: Comparing Costs: Electric Cars, Hybrids, & Gasoline Cars
o Yamaha electric motorcycle unveiled for Tokyo Motor Show
o Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on taking risks http://buff.ly/17zK2Bg
o video: Why the media likes to focus on Tesla fires
o US DOE Video: Who Was the Better Inventor, Tesla or Edison?
o Fortune Names Tesla CEO Business Person of Year pic.twitter.com/XMEITR9OHb
o Nissan LEAF Aero Style Debuts at Tokyo Motor Show http://buff.ly/1e4WaLV
o Subtle? No! pic.twitter.com/y2KOVYbwZJ
o video: Tesla Model S Strikes Object, Gets Air, Continues Driving When
Semi Overturns on Route 101 http://buff.ly/1h16SHz

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o Why I’m Thankful for my EV: Thanksgiving 2013 http://buff.ly/1cAKRda
o US Plug-in Vehicle Sales Zooms Past 150,000 http://buff.ly/IlQdiT
o Technology start-up turning heads - Solar Roadways is a great idea!
o Supercapacitors Amp Up as an Alternative to Batteries
o Range Extender Coming for Nissan Leaf? http://buff.ly/1h182m8
o Skeptics Doubtful About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles http://buff.ly/1aUOATa

o Nissan Confirms e-NV200 Will Be Available Globally; Japan First
o 7 Cars That Say 2014 Is Year of the EV http://buff.ly/1c5n5Yh
o Official: Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid SUV to Launch Globally in Late 2014
o BMW i8 sold out for next year, and it’s not even on sale yet
o Plug-In Porsche 918 Spyder Performs Even Better Than Expected
http://buff.ly/1i9j1M2  pic.twitter.com/vUxzYLUDZN
o Nissan Leaf Likely To Get 'Hot Weather' Battery In Next Year
o LEAF Owning Judge Objects To Nissan Battery Case Settlement, claims Leaf
owners "Get Absolutely Nothing Of Value” http://buff.ly/1i7RGK9
o The Time to Bet on Electric Vehicles is Now http://buff.ly/18jNt1S
o Nissan: “There Have Been No Fires Involving the Nissan LEAF”
o The Tesla Effect - Flipping People’s Perceptions of EVs from Golf Carts
to Awesome! http://buff.ly/InsoH7
o EPRI Total Cost of Ownership study for Plug-in Vehicles
o Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Lithium-Sulfur breakthrough battery could
double EV range http://buff.ly/1h7mcT3
o 1916: reasons EVs are not popular: public lack of education on wonder of
electric drive and lack of public charging http://buff.ly/1h6AVxs
o KBB names 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid the PHEV with best resale
value http://buff.ly/18b4gnZ
o Our pals at Subcompact Culture reviewed the 2013 Smart Electric Drive. In
short, it is better than the gas version http://buff.ly/1joqIct
o The BMW i8 wins Automobile Magazine's 2014 Design of the Year
o 400 deaths & 1200 serious injuries in US due to gas car fires, compared
to 0 deaths & 0 injuries due to Tesla fires http://buff.ly/18RKIzb
o Fiat 500e Recognized as Best Electric Car of 2013 http://buff.ly/18RJ94e
o Nissan Considers Multiple Battery Size Options for LEAF Electric Cars
o Bill Us By The kWh Used, Say EV Drivers Of Public Charging
o November issue of the EAA Current EVents magazine http://buff.ly/17GyxoF
o New study paints a picture of EV charging behavior http://buff.ly/18KHo95
o Japanese Team Sets New EV Record of 808 Miles On Single Charge
o Leases for plug-in electric cars may offer big savings
o Tesla Asks For Fire Investigations, Will Fully Warrant Any Model S Fire,
Confirms Ride Height Changes http://buff.ly/18MCkkD

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