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*Top Stories ================================================*
 o Plug-in cars already saving 45 million gallons of gasoline per year in
US http://buff.ly/1hyJeOa

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o Plug-in-pedal hybrid cargo bikes replace delivery trucks in Portland.
Find out how April 9th http://buff.ly/1s8HJ1u
o E-Bike Industry:Technology and Market Trends, April 16
o Celebrate Earth Day 2014 With Plugs & Pinot at Oregon Wineries
 o Oregon Future Energy Conference, April 22 http://buff.ly/1joybxO
o EV Technologies Workshop (Argonne National Labs, IEEE, & IIT) April 22
o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, the second annual users’ conference &
expo, July 18-20 http://buff.ly/1geHPSf
o Spring Root Beer & Electric Vehicle Show: May 11, 2014
o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 23 http://buff.ly/1gRJTuU
o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August
10, 2014 http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan

 *Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o West Coast States, British Columbia Talk Carbon Collaboration
o PGE Resource Plan Lays Groundwork for Oregon Energy Future
o Part-Time Tesla Motors Product Specialist Job in Portland
o 2013-2014 Nissan Leaf Electric Cars Recalled For Airbag Sensor Issue
o Plug & Pinot: 5 Oregon Wine Country Destinations Celebrate Earth Day & EV
Tourism http://buff.ly/1dwxUpP
o Fees start on April 1st (not a joke) for the AeroVironment network in
Oregon and Washington http://buff.ly/NVUk7X
o A Lost Season For An Oregon Ski Area http://buff.ly/1dsc5HW
o Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Adds 36 Charging Stations

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Mill City home of Oregon's 37th #WestCoastElectricHighway DCFC
o Nissan Leaf & the Volcano | Vimeo http://buff.ly/1jZABDf
o Lawless Electric Dragster 8.37 second quarter mile video
o There are more than 8,000 places in the US to fuel up a plug-in vehicle
o ChargePoint helps you learn the various plug types with the "Little
Monsters" http://pic.twitter.com/CmKQiVVziG
o EpicEVTrip drives through Grants Pass Oregon "Like a 150 mile landscape
painting" http://buff.ly/1i4RerE
o Solar Growth: EVs get greener as the grid gets greener
o Wind Growth: EVs get greener as the grid gets greener
o World Map of CHAdeMO charging locations http://buff.ly/1hpiqUa
o EV batteries get a 2nd life as backup power, then recycled into new
batt-s. Try using a gallon o petrol a 2nd time http://buff.ly/1hMVtXs
o Dilbert's Sexy Car http://pic.twitter.com/DODVlQS9Gz
o Driving through Oregon "Like a landscape painting" #EpicEVTrip
o A Closer Look at the Kia Soul EV - YouTube http://buff.ly/1gyPRUu
o There is such a thing as a badass scooter: Works Electric Rover
o Kick Gas Movie Trailer - Vimeo http://buff.ly/1pfR3hH
o Ford Parodies Cadillac's "Poolside" ad with their "Upside" video
featuring Ford C-Max Energi http://buff.ly/1hyIo3N
o New Electric Ground Service Equipment at Sea-Tac Airport - YouTube
o Texas Gov. Rick Perry discusses Tesla on Fox Business
o Formula E test drive - Jarno Trulli - YouTube http://buff.ly/1iAX4D5
o Jay Leno plugs himself into Porsche's 918 Spyder - Autoblog
o Two-Wheeled, Car-Motorcycle Won't Tip Over : Discovery News
o Making of BMW i Wallbox - YouTube http://buff.ly/1gmKmIg
o Chip Yates: World Record Junkie and Electric Motorcycle Pioneer!

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o 1 million EVs on the road in 2016 if current growth rate continues
o EVs now officially cross the aisle - Bill O'Reilly Calls For Worldwide
Support For Tesla http://buff.ly/1jX98SR
o BMW i3 Shipments to US - REx to BEV Ratio is 4:3 http://buff.ly/1iYEzsm
o Tesla Lobbies Regulators To Lose Side Mirrors http://buff.ly/1jVZLTr
o Nissan Leaf has 2nd-best sales month ever http://buff.ly/1lAFHpq
o Walmart WAVE Truck Full Details http://buff.ly/1lAEsGJ
o Get Your Products in Front of 130,000+ Automotive Industry Professionals
o How Tesla’s Fight With Car Dealers Could Help Decide the Next President |
WIRED http://buff.ly/1jQLc3y
o Elon Musk on CBS 60 Minutes - Must Watch http://buff.ly/1jQID1j
o Energy Storage + Solar = Game Changer http://buff.ly/1jQFYoq
o Elon Musk Cross Country Tesla Model S Family Road Trip Now Underway
o Anthony Weiner tells Elon Musk to Stop his Disruptive Innovation
o Tesla To Use All North American Resources For Planned Gigafactory
o Massachusetts To Offer $2,500 Rebate on Plug-In Electric Vehicles
o Should the government raise the gas tax, charge a per-mile fee or cut
transportation spending? http://buff.ly/1hHHVwk
o Nissan to Extend Electric Car Leadership With 135-Mile Leaf
o Case Closed in NHTSA Tesla Model S Fire Investigation
o Smart Home charges Honda Fit EV with DC power from solar panels
o 5 Cities in 5 Days, the 2014 Nikola Tesla EV Rally in Croatia
o Sticky stuff could make Li-ion batteries cheaper and greener
o BP spills crude into Lake Michigan http://buff.ly/1j5Xgea
o The 16 Plug-In Electric Cars For 2014 http://buff.ly/1iAW3uy
o Kia To Launch EV Soul In Summer Of 2015 http://buff.ly/1lk8WNf

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