[Oeva-list] 2008 ZAP parts available, cheap

Philip Kollas pkollas at comcast.net
Sat Apr 5 15:34:31 PDT 2014

Hello, friends,

Yup, my ZAP pickup is one of those being swept up in the NHTSA recall for
defective brakes‹the vehicle must be picked up and destroyed, as no fix has
been devised.

But, my loss is your gain:  I had added a few after-market items that I do
not need to leave on the vehicle when it gets picked up for its final
tow-truck ride, per the manufacturer.

Specifically, if you could use any of the following, contact me at (503)
681-2181 or pkollas at comcast.net, by 12 April:

1. One Pak-Trakr battery monitor system (much better than the OEM dashboard
2. One Woodward Display system, which makes the data from the Pak-Trakr much
easier to see and understand at a glance; and
3. Three tires for the rig, in good shape (only about 2,000 miles of use) .
. . I had bought new Les Schwab tires for the ZAP shortly before the recall
came out; these are currently on the pickup.  If you would prefer those over
the OEM tires, let me know and we can swap tires.  The new ones have only
about 200 miles on them and are the good, six-ply, high-pressure tires that
you can run at up to 51 PSI for best mileage (though a bouncy ride).

I¹ll sell each of the above for well below half price:  the PakTrakr and the
Woodward Display for $75 each or $125 for the pair; the three tires for $50
(OEM) or $150 (near-new, Les Schwab).

If you want the whole package, I would let them all go for $150 (w/ the OEM
tires) or $250 (w/ the newer tires).

The only caveats:  one, time is of the essence‹the tow truck is supposed to
show up at my garage in about a week; and two, since the instrumentation was
professionally installed, you¹ll need to know how to uninstall it (I didn¹t
observe the install process).  I think I still have the instructions for the

Best wishes,
Philip Kollas
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