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Hi Judith, 

Visit Plugshare.com and click Trip Planner near the top of the page. 

Between Portland, OR and Missoula, MT, using a 6 mile radius search along the route, the Planner finds 162 charging locations (Level 1 to Level 3). 

The biggest challenge I see is between Kennewick and Spokane, with only an RV park with NEMA 14-50 plugs in Ritzville, about halfway between. It's ~81 miles from Kennewick to Ritzville--on the edge of the available range of a Leaf, I think. 

Good luck! 


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We're interested in driving from Portland to Missoula, MT this summer. Currently, is this possible in a Leaf? Is there a good website that can help us find all the chargers enroute with distances between chargers and terrain? 
Thank you, 


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