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Given the usual laws concerning the conservation of energy, I suggest the best approach is to tow the Leaf in neutral to the nearest charging station. 

If the stranded Leaf owner is in a hurry and needs to minimize time at the charger, and IF the towing Leaf owner consents, then put the dead Leaf in drive and use some light regen. to put some charge in the battery, but this will (obviously) make the towing Leaf work harder and use more kwh per mile. Hopefully it's mostly downhill to the next charger! 

Good luck out there! 


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The cheapest, and available now, method to charge one Leaf with another is a tow rope. Sorry couldn’t resist. :-) Remember this video? 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sujv90PLLY Just swap out the gasser pickup with another Leaf. It might be easier to make use of a real pickup. That way you don’t have to figure out a good place to tie the tow rope on the towing Leaf. Maybe running the towing Leaf in reverse and tying the two tow hooks together would be fun. 

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I was coming back from a trip to Seattle Sunday (unfortunately gassed as 
I didn't have time to charge) and saw a white Leaf on the side of the NB 
lanes of I5 just south of Castle Rock (if I remember right). I was 
wondering if someone misjudged their range getting to Castle Rock which 
led me to think that it would be handy to have something that would 
allow Leaf to Leaf charging to give that boost to make it to the 
charging station. I suspect it was something discussed much in the 
early Leaf days but doesn't seem to have gone anywhere, and that it 
would take the same sort of extra gear as would allow the Leaf to be a 
UPS at home. 

Just some random thoughts... 

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