[Oeva-list] Aerovironment

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue Apr 15 23:39:34 PDT 2014

On 4/15/14 8:11 PM, Dima Kukushkin wrote:
> I have driven Leaf to Seattle 4 times in past year.  For the spirit of
> clean driving. Putting up with inconvinience of lower speed on highway
> and twice longer trip time.  
>  Im glad i did it, because with  new cost of such trip ($56 if per
> session, or $35 with hassle of starting and cancelling  membership) -
> it is not going to happen again

It does depend on where you need to go.  I'm hoping for more AV in
Portland area, will make $20/mo no brainer.  As for Seattle, my RAV cost
$75 to do the trip last weekend, and I prefer driving the Leaf as well
as not burning gas.  But it is more time consuming definitely.  I don't
think that will be true for very many more years though.

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