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*Top Stories ================================================*
 o EV Roadmap 7 is scheduled for July 24 - reserve your seat now

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents =====================================*
o E-Bike Industry:Technology and Market Trends, April 16
o Celebrate Earth Day 2014 With Plugs & Pinot at Oregon Wineries
o Oregon Future Energy Conference, April 22 http://buff.ly/1joybxO
o EV Technologies Workshop (Argonne National Labs, IEEE, & IIT) April 22
o Oregon EV Fest 2014, July 5th at Pioneer Courthouse Square
o Tesla Motors Club's Connect 2014, the second annual users’ conference &
expo, July 18-20 http://buff.ly/1geHPSf
o Spring Root Beer & Electric Vehicle Show: May 11, 2014
o Energize Oregon Coalition Meeting, July 23 http://buff.ly/1gRJTuU
o EV Roadmap 7: Making Connections, July 24 http://buff.ly/1eqxd2j
o The 3rd annual BC2BC All Electric Vehicle Rally scheduled to start August
10, 2014 http://buff.ly/1aWgQoK
o Route 66 International Festival - EVs wanted, Aug 14
o The Battery Show, September 16-18, 2014 Novi, Michigan

 *Northwest EV News of Note ===================================*
o Mt. Hood National Forest welcomes 1st EV charging station
o Experience Model S at Sokol Blosser Winery during the Plug & Pinot Event!
o Washington State governor signs pro-Tesla bill http://buff.ly/1eAtoBU
o OR Sen. Ron Wyden & the CEO of OR EVSE company OpConnent to speak at
Future Energy Conference, April 22 http://buff.ly/1iaKbAe
o Solar-powered cart barn kicks off long-promised improvements to
Glendoveer http://buff.ly/1hIrFe0
o Report: Oregon drivers among the best in the US http://buff.ly/1eEZdcR
o The WestCoastElectricHighway is one of the few examples of well-planned
infrastructure http://buff.ly/1hGJp9E
o Tesla Model S CHAdeMO Adapter In Real-World Beta Testing Phase
o An easier way to get that (Oregon-made) electric motorcycle
o EV Scenic Byways: Coulee Corridor WA http://buff.ly/1p5JCgl

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Oregon Clean Fuels Program http://pic.twitter.com/0jP1a2Uat8
o Riding the Ryno From the Future - BloombergTV http://buff.ly/1i6iJDM
o Operating the OpConnect MKII EV Charging Station - YouTube
o Tesla Model S at Intel Earth Day event http://pic.twitter.com/vRI7DgjBrN
o Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV - YouTube  http://buff.ly/Q7RO04
o Infographic: Electric Car Etiquette http://buff.ly/1qMy9On

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
 o Mercedes-Benz Starts Making B-Class ED Electric Car, Gives BMW i3 a
Rival http://buff.ly/1hE6a2J
o Elon Musk: The Future Is Fully Electric http://buff.ly/1eIQPcz
o SJSU police officers switch to electric motorcycles http://buff.ly/1hE2jTA

o Crude Awakening: 37 years of oil spills in Alberta http://buff.ly/1qtXgXU
o Eight Months in Our Nissan LEAF, Another Year with Zero Electric Bill,
Kick Gas the Movie http://buff.ly/1m0dsAP
o Mercedes-Benz Begins Production of B-Class Electric Drive
o Rocket Man: The otherworldly ambitions of Elon Musk http://buff.ly/1eAwl5C

o EnerDel & B3G Partner on Lion Electric School Bus http://buff.ly/1eAw4iU
o Hyundai electric car coming in 2016 http://buff.ly/1hxVymc
o College Student Builds Self-driving Car for $4,000 http://buff.ly/1hGIhTi
o Desmond Tutu calls for anti-apartheid style boycott of fossil fuel
industry http://buff.ly/1hIvy2v
o Audi A6 E-Tron Confirmed For Production http://buff.ly/1eqvFp2
o Aluminum Vehicles Save More Energy Than It Takes To Build Them
o An Epic 12,000-Mile Road Trip Smashes Records For Longest Electric Car
Drive http://buff.ly/1hGJp9E
o With Gigafactory, Tesla Could Become More American Than Ford
o New Ultracapacitor Could Be the Future of Transportation Energy Storage
o CEO: Smith Electric Vehicles is suspending production, not closing its
doors http://buff.ly/1gPJ18F

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