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Greg Mikol gmikol at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 08:23:11 PDT 2014

I have not signed up with AV yet, but as far as I know, their only payment plan is the $20/month plan. If you want to pay per-session ($7.50 for QC), you have to call in to their customer service and make the payment over the phone in order to get the charger activated. This would be equivalent to showing up to one of the chargers without a fob, before fees were introduced. When I had to do that once, I spent 10 minutes on hold, during which time I was blocking the charger and not actually charging. My AV fob is currently showing as "Inactive" on their web page, since I didn't sign up for the monthly plan. But I've used the fob in the past, before the fees were implemented.

I think their fee structure is a terrible idea, which is why I'll try to avoid them in favor of Blink in the areas where Blink and AV overlap for quick charging, like Newberg/Sherwood/Tualatin, and Salmon Creek/Ridgefield, which are the ones I'm most likely to use. I'd rather pay $5 per session (DC) or $1 per hour (L2) to Blink, which is making a big effort to get new connectors on stations and clean up the repair backlog, than $7.50 or $4 per session (DC / L2), or $20/ month (an extra lease payment!) on the chance I might use one of their chargers farther afield. And if I have to, I will, but I'm not going to give AV any more money than absolutely necessary...at least until they come up with some more flexible plan options. I emailed them when the pricing was announced, noting my dissatisfaction, and got nothing but a terse form letter in return.

Does OEVA as an organization have any sway with AV?


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>Has anyone actually signed up with AV?  I've tried a few times and their
>website offers no plan options other than the full subscription and if I
>try to just attach a card to my account, it wants to attach it to an
>account (even though I'm logged into it) and doesn't give any to do so.
>I've submitted help requests a couple of ways, including getting a
>"case" which has been completely ignored.  I'm really not very happy
>with them at the moment as it looks like I'm going to have to actually
>call them to get anything done.

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