[Oeva-list] Is OEVA really encouraging drinking and driving?

Otmar Ebenhoech Otlist09 at evcl.com
Tue Apr 22 22:21:35 PDT 2014

As for free speech and all that, XKCD says it well. http://xkcd.com/1357/

The internet is a big place. I believe the advantage of having a targeted list is in keeping focus. Naysayers poison lists, I've seen it happen over and over. They have every right to discuss their opinion in public, but this is not public. This is supposed to be a moderated list which makes it a private place. Seeing as this list is so low volume as it is, I propose it's better to remove the trolls quickly and get on with progress. 

My feeling is if you are not being helpful and adding value, then you should be quiet. An no, playing devils advocate is not adding value. The fact that several people are doubtful of the indicated persons quality of contributions and the fact that my list history shows a lack of positive contributions from the one anyway (didn't check the other guy) is enough for me to boot him. Life is short. Lead, follow or get them the heck out of the way. 

Otlist09 at evcl.com

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