[Oeva-list] 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade

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Wed Apr 23 08:49:32 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Below is the details of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade.
I unfortunately will not be driving my Sparrow in the parade.
One of the batteries is not letting it even get out of the grade.
This is only the second time in 13 years that I have signed up hoping to be in the parade and my Sparrow couldn't.  The other time I tried to make it to parade and ran out about a mile from the parade, but made it to the place.

I hope others are planning to be in the parade.
I will come help.

Thank you,
Paul Burkey
OEVA Ongoing Events Chair  

1. Registration starts at 7:30

2.       Registration Century 16 Theater, 4040 SE 82nd Ave; Eastport Plaza

3.       One-Person needs to register for group

4.       Group parking (for vehicles not in parade) shown on attached �Parade Parking�

5.       Person registering will receive a #

6.       Stagers at the parade area will help you find your #

7.       AWARD consideration: Need to have entry at your # by 8:15 am; photos will be taken

8.       Procession begins down Boise St (in-between Walmart and LA Fitness) 9:15 am

9.       Parade starts precisely at 9:30 am


10.   Parade Route:   Eastport Plaza Theater, 82nd Avenue north, Disband Yamhill and 80th Avenue. [Please note:  people line up the curbside starting from Eastport�s LA Fitness area and also on Yamhill.  Please give those folks a show!  Please don�t wait until 82nd Avenue to start.]


11.   Parade Announcers: located at Portland Community College�ENJOY!


During Parade, the City Police will stop the parade from time-to-time on 82nd Avenue in order to allow traffic to flow at intersecting streets. PLEASE MAINTAIN 15� + spacing between you and the entry in front of you.  And � PLEASE keep your group together.
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