[Oeva-list] Is OEVA really encouraging drinking and driving?

Dima Kukushkin dimakukushkin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 10:45:45 PDT 2014

Getting tired of constant troll-trash too. Would love if it stops

I dont consider Leaf the ideal car but making this a theme fir every email
 reply is just too much


On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Kat Han <kathyhan4 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, Eric, I have considered leaving this list several times because a
> decent portion of the emails are trolling messages from "Steve's Account".
>  They have been pretty much 100% negative.  I'll miss the rest of the
> information and dialogue, though, if I de-list.  I believe this problem is
> hurting the community we have worked hard to build in this group.
> Kat
> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:58 PM, Eric Cha <ericc at xenopi.com> wrote:
>  Just to add to what Quinn said...
> There is always an argument in any public forum for tolerating dissenting
> opinions.  However, how many people who ARE legitimately interested and
> enthusiastic about EV's get turned off by the trolls and LEAVE the list?
> As a person who has moderated several different enthusiast online forums
> and email lists, I'm just pointing out the moderators need to consider the
> repercussions for doing nothing...  The moderators of this list need to
> consider the balance.  Is it more important to "tolerate" trolls and lose
> list members because of those few trolls or is it more important to keep
> the people who are actually constructive members?
> To be honest, I have repeatedly considered leaving this list because of
> the trolls.   In fact, I'm considering it right now.  Perhaps I'll start
> another EV list with more aggressive moderation.  <shrug>
> Respectfully,
> Eric
> On 4/22/2014 9:45 PM, Quinn Sullivan wrote:
> I've patiently endured negative emails on here from stevel at fern.com and
> calvinjean2 at comcast.net for a couple of years.  Just read through some,
> and in my opinion, there's a pattern of unproductive posts stating how EV's
> aren't good enough, they only go 70 miles on a charge, the owners are
> freeloaders who don't pay a fuel tax, high performance Tesla's horsepower
> achievements are meaningless/inaccurate, they are a waste of money, and now
> that the owners are criminals who drink to intoxication and drive.  Also,
> that you're giving us a "dose of reality".  A lot of us started with the
> reality of owning an EV that goes 35 miles on a charge on lead acid
> batteries, lots of us live within 30 miles of our work and school, I'd be
> thrilled to have 70 miles.  I've heard all of these arguments against
> EV's before.  Tesla has busted a lot of these barriers with a fraction of
> the production numbers of the big 3, and then gets bashed for being too
> expensive.  EV's just can't win with some people and that's fine, but I
> prefer not to hear about that on an EV promotion email group.
>  There's also been advocating for natural gas over EV's, a non-renewable
> resource that will dry up some day and leave us in the same spot that
> standard gasoline did.  It's been stated that EV's run dirty because the
> electrical grid is dirty, yet there's lots of renewables making the grid
> cleaner every year and smart grid technologies in the works that can work
> to discharge power, decreasing peak power draws and charge at night.
>  Saying negative things doesn't really help anything.  If you truly care
> about EV's instead you'd look for or work towards a solution.   This is
> still a relatively new industry, but the most promising one.  Combustion
> has had 100+ years to figure it out, and production electric vehicles are
> very new in comparison, yet still better in a lot of aspects, like cost of
> operation, being 90% efficient instead of 20%, independence of petrol
> costs, as some of them are powered by 100% solar power.  I like hearing
> about new revelations in the EV industry and new milestones.
>  I've studied battery technology long
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