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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Carbon tax conversation in Oregon is heating up http://buff.ly/1yUKwOs

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o OEVA December Meeting, Fellowship, & Celebration, Dec 11th http://oeva.org

o Energize Oregon Coalition meeting to discuss a $3,000 EV rebate, Dec 11th
o Electric Vehicles Happy Hour in Portland, Union of Concerned Scientists,
Dec 11 http://buff.ly/1ueNY1h
o EV Policy Opportunities: What to Know and How to Get Involved, Dec 16

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Portland sues Uber after just 4 days in service http://buff.ly/1A9Zyzn
o Oregon could produce enough wind energy to power 9 coal plants if growth
continues http://buff.ly/1ucyHz1
o Portland Wins Presidential Award for Climate Change Work
o Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld Comes to Portland &
visits w/ Fred Armisen http://buff.ly/1udCJq1
o 2010 Wheego Coupe Electric: used cars for sale http://buff.ly/1w6Lk37
o Tesla Model S road trip – Seattle to LA: can an electric car do
long-distance driving? http://buff.ly/1CJutbi
o House Not Reviving Tax Breaks for 2 and 3-wheeled Plug-in Vehicles
o Washington State To Give Electric Cars Tax Breaks, Carpool-Lane Access?
o Workplace Charging Doubles in Two Years, 90% Of Charging Stations Full
o Portland Couple Uses Supercar Collection To Make Sick Kids' Dreams Come
True http://buff.ly/1CJUJT2
o Subcompact Culture: 2014 Fiat 500e http://buff.ly/1CFGuhZ
o Charlie Hales Propane Scheme Contradicts Portland's Climate Action Plan
o Green Mountain Power Becomes First Utility to Receive B Corp
Certification http://bit.ly/1vjNg2Y

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Portland's Tilikum Crossing light rail bridge comes alive during lighting
test (Photos) http://buff.ly/1u0CDCM
o BMW i8 Underbelly - Video http://buff.ly/1FWHNpg
o Canadian Startup Plans Tomahawk Electric Sports Car (Video)
o Nissan LEAF: Thanks a Billion - YouTube http://buff.ly/1FQn0FH
o This is what I hear when someone explains how fuels are the future -
YouTube http://buff.ly/1pRt250

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o A Street Legal Plug-In Racer http://buff.ly/1640VqG
o Scandinavia’s First Lithium Battery Electric Car Ferry Completes over
4,000 Trips http://buff.ly/1Bx1cPy
o Solar EV Charging Rocks, But Which Option To Choose?
o 2014 BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car Recalled for Faulty Fuel Tank, Fire
Risk http://buff.ly/1wdaV9l
o Let's increase the gas tax, then get rid of it http://buff.ly/1ueDjni
o LEAF Batteries Enter After-Life Use As Energy Storage At Nissan
Development Center In Japan http://buff.ly/1CZERvS
o Audi Plans Electric Crossover to Take on Tesla http://buff.ly/1yYIuwW
o EPA ready for stricter air quality rules with a look at smog
o Researchers develop dendrite-free lithium film, important step toward
lithium anodes http://buff.ly/1u610OE
o Tesla Bests Porsche in Owner-Satisfaction Survey http://buff.ly/1Bpi230
o How To Quit Smoking: Buy An Electric Car? http://buff.ly/1qa9xof
o Mercedes-Benz to Ditch "Electric Drive" Name In Favor of "e"
o Volvo Unveils XC90 Plug-In Hybrid At 2014 LA Auto Show
o SolarCity CEO: Oil has no impact on US electricity http://buff.ly/1u2uNI9
o Mitsubishi remains committed to the US, plans to introduce Outlander PHEV
o Release Of Updated 2015 Tesla Model S Leads To Discounts On Older
Versions http://buff.ly/1q4XWqx
o The Price of Electric Cars Is Plummeting http://buff.ly/1ypGkZm
o Basic Electric Motor Types: PMDC, BLDC, AC Induction, Synchronous and
Series DC http://buff.ly/12AAnM5
o Bosch: In 2020, 3 Million PHEVs & 2.5 Million BEVs Will Be Sold Worldwide
o Petition To Ask Toyota To Stop Disparaging EVs http://buff.ly/1FPSHik
o Carlos Ghosn talks about the future of the auto industry with Charlie
Rose http://buff.ly/1vMc4Wy
o Tesla Model S is the Most Loved Car in the U.S. With 98% Owner
Satisfaction, Says Consumer Reports http://buff.ly/1FODyOe
o Route 66 To Go Electric http://buff.ly/1vGKcTz
o BMW To Phase Out Combustion Engines In 10 Years, Analyst Claims
o OT: Stephen Hawking sides with Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence could
end humanity http://buff.ly/1AbPdTH

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