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*Headlines ==================================================*
During restoration efforts from recent wind storms, PGE lineman Nate Sweet
was seriously injured. You can help. http://buff.ly/1DK4mBP

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ======================================*
o Oregon DEQ Air Toxics Science Advisory Committee meeting, Dec 17

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Why a Southern Oregon e-vehicle serial entrepreneur expects a huge 2015
o Half the Bike - Twice the Fun http://buff.ly/1DsL9V7
o Solar Ready Toolkit Now Available! — Solar Oregon http://buff.ly/1BN8Y5e
o Tucannon River Wind Farm is complete: 116 turbines making Oregon EVs even
greener to drive http://buff.ly/1AfbfoK
o The 7 States Adopting Electric Vehicles Fastest in America
o Will Kitzhaber's 'clean fuels' gas-tax increase EV sales in Oregon
o Jamie Hyneman, Master MythBuster, likes Oregon-made Alltrax controllers -
YouTube http://buff.ly/16hRfJb
o The Brammo Empulse R will have a cameo in the upcoming sci-fi action film
Geostorm http://buff.ly/1sl2Oct
o Pulling the Plug on Oil with a New Fiat 500e http://buff.ly/1xiVgIv
o Fiat 500e Brings Italian Charge to Portland http://buff.ly/1yHhOy0
o NW Electric-Car Road Trips: Be Prepared, With Charging Apps And Realism
o Exclusive: Brammo Speaks to Rumors of Closing Doors, Mass Layoffs
o The states where electric cars rule http://buff.ly/1smmerU
o $18,010 for a 2015 Nissan Leaf for Portland-area Buyers
o Nissan offering free home charging station to new LEAF buyers in the
Portland, OR area http://buff.ly/12AnhxK
o Washington state pay-by-mile pilot program approval expected
o West Coast States Rule Electric Vehicle Adoption in U.S.
o Canadian EV Charging Station Company Heads South to Green America’s
Highways in 2015 http://buff.ly/1zpIOpN

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive - YouTube http://buff.ly/1Dy9AAr

o The Billion-Dollar Potential Of The Ordinary American School Bus (video)
o First Electric Car to Enter the 2015 Dakar Rally (Video)
o Fiat 500e Infographic Compares Energy Use Of EV To Common Household
Appliances http://buff.ly/1yFOtUR
o The BMW i8 from an owner's perspective - YouTube http://buff.ly/1DcIQoU
o Chelsea Sexton on CARB & Hydrogen http://buff.ly/1Bx54jJ

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Tesla will transform from a great car company that uses batteries to a
    battery company that also makes great cars http://buff.ly/1IQxYxh
o Tesla Chief Information Officer: Model 3 Price Target Is $30,000 To
$40,000 http://buff.ly/16p2G1N
o MIT Research: 53K people die each year from transportation-related air
pollution http://buff.ly/1sv40ED
o Do Gas Prices Correlate With Plug-in Vehicle Sales? http://buff.ly/1sv23s0

o Study finds electric cars powered by renewables far healthier
o Peter Fonda says the electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire is an Easy Rider
"It's a gas" http://buff.ly/1yScEo7
o Chop-e electric 2-wheeler http://buff.ly/1GFEGCm
o What do you think about a Diesel Plug-In Hybrid? 2016 Audi Q7
o Are Hybrids Being Supplanted By Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Cars?
o Fossil-fuel lobbyists, bolstered by GOP wins, work to curb environmental
rules - The Washington Post http://buff.ly/1wRoChH
o Daimler Expands Manufacturing Capacity For Lithium-Ion Batteries
o BMW i3 - Winter Range Reduction & Tips For Offsetting Cold Weather Impact
o What's The Best Electric Car To Buy For The Average Consumer?
o India on High Alert as Bangladeshi Oil Spill Threatens Bengal Tigers
#green http://bit.ly/1A5iXlf
o Lamborghini plug-in hybrid SUV planned http://buff.ly/1A2kOr9
o What happens to EV batteries when they wear out? They power learning!
o Grid Powered EVs Keep Gettig Greener: US Solar Installations Soar; Total
Capacity Hits 17.5 GW http://buff.ly/1xc9uuU
o EV Transmissions Could Extend Range by 20% & Add More E-Vehicle Types
o BMW Promises CCS Fast-Charging Blitz For 2015 http://buff.ly/1A2qMs0
o 93% Of Nissan LEAF Owners Use It As Main Family Car http://buff.ly/1GskDau

o Global group of Catholic bishops call for end to fossil fuels
o Renault-Nissan: Why electric cars are a "win" http://buff.ly/12S6iXx
o Several states are adding or increasing incentives for EV charging
stations http://buff.ly/12S2C8m
o Samsung Leads $17M Investment In Battery Startup For More Efficient, Less
Flammable Electric Cars http://buff.ly/1zR2CAA
o Are Electric Buses The Future Of Mass Transit? http://buff.ly/166Vib0
o Toyota tries to dampen EV PR fallout http://buff.ly/166V045
o Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Lease Deal - $299 Per Month
o Volvo Spills Details On XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid SUV http://buff.ly/1wealJL
o 'Coal Is A Dead Man Walking': A Look Back At 2014 http://buff.ly/1sk5Jg6
o Nissan launches major new ad campaigns for LEAF http://buff.ly/1wex8Fa
o Nissan exec: We’ll focus on EVs, not rush into fuel cells
o Harley-Davidson CEO Talks LiveWire: Range Too Low, Cost Too High, Needs
Next-Gen Battery http://buff.ly/1AbWKSg
o Tesla Model S P85D Gets Rated At 242 Miles* Of Range
o Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV still coming to the U.S., eventually
o Zero-emission cars: Both consumers and the environment win

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