[Oeva-list] Need to charge a Model S

Bryce Nash nashco at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 10:38:39 PST 2014

Hello list members! I recently got a Tesla mobile connector (portable charger adapter) that I intend to modify for a non-proprietary SAE J1772 connection that I can use with any of my EVs in the future. Before modifying this connector, I'd like to confirm this (used but new to me) part works normally...but unfortunately, I don't have a Tesla to plug it into!

Any list members around Portland that would be able and willing to let me plug my unmodified Tesla connector in to their Model S for just a few minutes? I'll come to you to make it easy, and I even have some Christmas cookies I can "sweeten" the deal with for sharing a bit of your time. :)

Please send me an email with your contact info if you're able to help. Thanks!


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