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I was at Alan Webb Nissan (located on 3608 NE Auto Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA) on 12/31 and noticed they do have a DCFC but not ready at this time. The DCFC is located in-between Alan Webb Nissan and Dick Hannah Volkswagen. I did not ask when it will go live.

On Friday, December 27, 2013 9:57 PM, Karl Boekelheide <Karl at boekelheide.com> wrote:
The main attraction for me of Younker Nissan is that it is (at least a couple months ago) the only non-blink in that area of Seattle.  Until Blink gets real and starts charging by time or Kwh I will avoid them.  The dealership is clean and has a nice waiting area where I can catch up on mail.

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Car dealerships would not be on my short list for locating fast chargers if it were my money.  Fast food joints, coffee shop zones, banks make sense.  It also makes little sense to locate level 2 chargers at a financial institution...yet what did I see in the River mark lot on Hawthorne this morning?  What a waste.

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I've used this one a couple times.  They are 
very pleasant and have WiFi.  It's available only during business hours so 
ahead to make sure they're open.  You have to go in and get somebody to 
come out and enter a code.

Younker Nissanmore info‎
3401 East Valley Road
Renton, WA 98057
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>A few months ago Nissan announced that they would be installing CHAdeMO  fast chargers at many US dealerships. They had a big ribbon cutting event for  one in California and another for the one that was installed at the Capitol  building in Salem (not a dealership, I know, but it is the same Nissan model  DCFC). 
>After all that fanfare, I haven't heard much. Well it looks like the real  deployment has finally started. I heard that there are now 5 Nissan  dealerships in Washington that have DCFCs including Olympia and Puyallup. So  Nissan is not making too much noise/media-buzz about these (at least not that  I have heard). 
>Have you heard about any Oregon or SW Washington dealerships with DCFCs  installed? 
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