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J Bills jbillsnews at flickfx.com
Sat Jan 4 12:39:03 PST 2014

Selling for a friend - one of a kind 1978 Ford Mustang (II) electric
conversion with 64,000 miles.

plus caught on Old Parked Cars in 2010 with some nice poses here:

It's fully functional.  New batteries installed in 2013 and only gently
driven since.  I've been babysitting it and keeping them exercised with
shallow cycle for my commute once a week or so.  Owner is out of the
country and might not make it back soon, hence the sale.

Car came to Portland by auction, original owner was in Indiana and the
conversion is well documented, done with EVs of America in New Hampshire.

Pretty clean install and a few parts have been updated since it was
originally converted in 2000.
Curtis 1231c 500A controller
FB1-4001A 9" ADC motor
Iota DC/DC converter
Zivan NG3 120v Charger, 15A
18 8v Trojan batteries for 144v nominal

Batteries everywhere.  Up front, in the hatch and a box in the spare tire
well.  I'm unsure of what the Mustang II is like to drive stock, but the
suspension appears to be beefed up and the brakes are boosted.  It has the
original transmission but it's clutchless?  That threw me at first but once
you're used to how the shifting sort of "syncs" and slips into place, it's
pretty smooth.

I'll try to describe everything but my guess is if someone wants this car,
it's obvious this is a rare op.  Jump on it!

Body seems in good shape for a 78, just a couple small cancerous bubbles on
the fenders.  Interior is pretty good - just needs a little vinyl touch up
in a couple spots but not bad!  Lots of nice detail work on the
conversion.  There is an electric heater that is quick to defrost.  I
noticed a lot of nice work under the hood, an inertia switch, etc.  Lots of
nice analog gauges, nothing overly digital on the retro dash.

As any tinkerer does, I see things I'd want to improve but all small
potatoes - hard to deny this is a head turner and a great entry into the
awesome world of owning a classic EV.  Sure it's a hobby but this is a
functional car, not a project!

Goes without saying, but lithium for the next battery swap would be
amazing.  Current range? Not exactly sure, but if someone is serious I'm
happy to go for an extended cruise.  I made a run to SE in it once and went
22 miles round trip and was begging for more.  I guess unofficially I'd
estimate the range at 35 miles?  Might be able to get more out of it on a
hot summer day if you wanted to break the ol' 50% DOD rule, not sure.

He's asking $9,000 obo (again the batteries are fresh)
Email me and I'll reply with my phone #
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